SMF 2 Beta-Opinions For Public Forum

Started by Pspuser007, October 26, 2008, 07:18:38 AM

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Hello all!

I have a SMF forum version 1.1.6.
And i have copied all the files and the database and upgraded to version 2 beta 4.
Should i upgrade my original forum to 2.4?
Will i encounter any bugs or errors?

Should i wait until stable 2 comes out??And how long will this be???(2 months??)

Thank you for your time!


For public sites I recommend using 1.1.6 (it is stable an bug free)..

SMF 2.0 Beta 4 is Beta and has still a lot of small bugs (which should be solved in the future)..
SMF 2.0 Final is ready when it's ready ;)


Thank you for your answer my friend!
I hope it's ready as soon as it is bug-free and with plenty of features!

I just asked this because i like a lot the post feature.
That you press the red "A" button and whatever modification you do at the text you see it right away!:D