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Started by Technoman, November 02, 2008, 06:19:01 PM

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maybe in the next update of SMF can there be where the when a user is Registering on the forum he can upload a photo or choose a a avatar while putting in his user name and stuff while Registering for the first time ???

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well it is already present in 2.0 versions. You can add in different fields in registration. :)


There are several options for adding fields to the registration page, but choosing an avatar is not one of them.

There is already a mod for that called 'Avatar Select on Register':

Unfortunately, its not compatible with SMF 2 Beta at the moment. You could try asking the mod author if they will upgrade it, in the support/comments topic for that mod:
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thank you guys for your support but LHVWB  is right I am using 2.0 Beta 4.

the reason i have asked for this to be a future upgrade or a mod is cause not everyone knows how to upload a avator or  pic ... but again thanks for responses  ;)