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Started by SleePy, November 10, 2008, 11:26:35 AM

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How do I convert to SMF?
The Simple Machines Team has taken great strides to try and make converting to SMF as simple as can be. To help aid you in your process to SMF, we have created a guide  Converting to SMF on our Wiki. In addition to this, we have a dedicated converter board for you to ask for assistance or questions with the conversion process.

Where can I get converter files?
Generally you will find all of our converters on the Downloads page on the Simple Machines website. It may be possible that our download page may not have the converter yet or it may not be updated. In order to help with this, we have List of Converters that we have released on the converter board.

I can't find a converter for the forum software I am currently using?
If you are unable to find a converter for the forum software you are using and wish to convert to SMF, there is two options. The first option being taking a little time to work with the database and convert it on your own, or you can Request a Converter

I am have had a issue with the conversion process, what do I do?
Before you start a support topic, please read our Common Conversion Issues topic. This covers some of the most common converter issues that occur, and solutions for them.

I want to convert from SMF to another forum software, where can I find one?
Simple Machines does not provide converters to convert away from SMF. If you wish to convert to another software, you should contact them in regards for a converter. If you are interested in leaving, please leave us with feedback on how we can improve SMF or why you switched away in our SMF Feedback and Discussion board.
Jeremy D — Site Team / SMF Developer
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