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Started by dougthonus, February 09, 2005, 12:57:15 PM

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I converted to SMF from Simpleboard using the mambo bridge.  I am curious if there is any way to set the default options to show quick reply for everyone and to disable show email address for everyone.   I see the admin option to enable quick reply for everyone, but it doesn't change existing users.   I figure there is a simple query I could use to fix this, but I can't figure out what field to set.


this actually doesn't belong in the mambo bridge area...  this should be a question in the help admin forum...
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I would disagree to an extent.   I mean, I think a question like this could be somewhat relevent in multiple forums, but..

This problem exists solely because I'm using Mambo and SMF together.   Maybe it's not a problem specifically relating to mambo, but both options are things that if you weren't doing a userbase conversion wouldn't come up.

The mambo bridge doesn't have people specify an email preference when creating an account (like the SMF login does) and the quick reply thing only comes up because I'm converting a large base of pre-existing users.

Anyway, I figure both problems are ones that people who are using SMF in combination with mambo are vastly more likely to have had to deal with than someone who didn't which is why I posted it here.   

Anyway, I can see your view that the resulting SQL query that I need to run isn't specifically related to mambo, and maybe it would be better fitting somewhere else, or maybe there's another forum that's just talking about Mambo and SMF that's not focused on the bridge that makes more sense to post in.  (this is the only mambo/smf forum that I'm aware of).


QuoteThis problem exists solely because I'm using Mambo and SMF together.

The issues you raised are separate, and should remain so.  The email preference is a bridge issue, the quick reply preference is not.  I don't think there is a default setting for all users for the quick reply from the SMF administration.  Currently, each SMF user must turn that on individually in their profile. 

However, I can add both of these as registration config options in the next version of the bridge.


Don't get me wrong, I didn't view this as a problem with the bridge, just that people using the bridge may have wanted to do a similar thing and thus might know which table and where the fields are stored to do the changes that I want.


Admin -> Theme and Layout Settings -> Reset theme options (and go back to do defaults!) -> Show quick reply.

It is in there.  Anyway, general usage questions for SMF will get answered quicker if posted in General English Support, Administration and Functionality, etc. because more support specialists frequent those boards.  Just please remember to note that you are using this Mambo integration.