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Current Version: TinyPortal 1.6.6 Security Release - May 09 2020
TinyPortal (TP)

Note: You must uninstall any previous version of TinyPortal before you can install TP 1.6.6 for SMF2.0.x. Make a backup of all your SMF and TP files before you uninstall.

TinyPortal 1.6.6 Security Release.

Users running versions of TinyPortal prior to 1.6.6 should update immediately by downloading the latest version

This release includes the following fixes:

Relevant to 2.0 and 2.1:

Fixes multiple security flaws allowing non admin access to admin areas.


Official TinyPortal Site

Note: Older versions of TinyPortal can be found on the official TinyPortal website.

A little after the appearance of SMF, a talented SMF theme designer, Bloc had the idea to expand SMF with a custom built CMS system that would be based in SMF, using the same database as SMF, the same themes and native integration with SMF, not requiring bridges. This CMS would be easy to install as a mod, simple in database and appearance integration and Tiny in size, compared to standalone software like Mambo (later Joomla), Drupal, MK Portal etc., yet  powerful. TinyPortal was first released here in February 2005. For a long time TinyPortal was available as Beta only on Bloc's site. The TP Team and alpha-testers Team were created and TP matured and evolved in time as a pioneer in forum specific CMS. Thousands of SMF+TP sites justify Bloc's dream that came into life in his agile hands.
In November 2010 Bloc decided to retire from the project, seeking other horizons. He kindly left the TP project to IchBin™ with the support of TP Team. Following IchBin's retirement from the project, in June 2015 the project was handed over to lurkalot, who has been a long term member of the support team for Tinyportal.
What is TP?
TinyPortal is a mod for SMF that adds a powerful and mature CMS to your SMF Forum in minutes, with native integration, without having to worry about bridging, database, and appearance. Your SMF and TP will be a homogenous ensemble from installation. It's up to you and your creativity to use TP's features to customize your site and organize its content.

Features included in TinyPortal:

* Article System: The article system gives you a CMS system tightly integrated with your forum.  No need for bridges, double registering or other kludgey interface schemes with complex CMS software.  Write articles in php, html or bbcode, and choose what member-groups can access them, who can contribute, and how they are approved. Choose the inbuilt menu options for these pages, or write your own, the flexibility to accommodate your choices is built in.
* Blocks: Blocks is a term for the rectangles of information you can use throughout the portal. For the sake of simplicity the page has been divided into the "panels", which when combined can mimic many common page layouts. These blocks can contain regular html, php code or special written functions that collect specific types of information. You can show them according to which permissions the visitor has, and even show them just in certain sections. You will come to love playing with them.
Some block types that are currently available:
* ShoutBox - Its a box in which you can leave messages for others to see and thus maintain a simple "chat" on the site. Combined with permissions you will have much freedom in who can participate as well. And as your visitors will discover, its actually quite fun to leave a smiley or two in it.
* Recent Posts - Showing the recent posts in a small sidebar, and letting members know what is new and unread, encourages participation and will boost member satisfaction.
* Theme switcher - Let members and visitors choose their favorite theme.
* Search - Allows members to search your site for content.
* Other blocks include: Calendar, Poll, RSS feeds, Menu (Managed in the menu manager), User Profile block, and News. And since you can use php, html and BBC, the only limit is your imagination.

* Menu Manager: The menu manager is a way to create a menu's within a block. the menu can be organized by position so items can be moved up and down easily. internal or external links can be added to the menu. These menu's will be displayed in a portal block. You can create various types of links: links to articles, categories, or even just a custom link. You can choose to have the link open in the current window or a new window. In TP 1.6.0 >> the Menu Manager has been further enhanced, and now enables you to add single level Buttons / Tabs to the SMF menu.

* Downloads Manager: A built-in module for TP that lets you offer files for your members to browse and download. Its works by having the downloadable files placed in categories. These categories have permissions on them, letting you restrict member groups access level per each category. Allow members to upload files, controlling which member groups are allowed.

This mod from Jerry?

No, this is my project. Jerry has his own script. :)

TinyPortal is currently running at , if you want to see it in action.

Excellent, Bloc

Very best mod.

Very Nice portal :), my error log shows some errors though:

--- Quote ---8: Undefined index: mystart
File: /xxx/xxx/public_html/akjerry/Themes/default/TPortalBlocks.template.php (eval?)
Line: 62
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---8: Undefined variable: t
File: /xxx/xxx/public_html/akjerry/Sources/TPortal.php
Line: 205
--- End quote ---


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