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My guess is that your installation is not doing the edits to the files that it needs. The TP_loadTheme() function is in TPortal.php. I'd suggest you hit the parse button on the mod page for your version of SMF, then go through the files and see if it made the appropriated edits. Either that or it didn't upload the TPortal.php file to the Sources directory.
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hmmm... i did manual work on index.php and now its working fine..
pnly one problem... when i go to portal as an admin i can see panels but as a member i cant see any panels...

attatchment 1: as admin
attatchment 2 : as member


sorry but i have done it... now every thing is working fine...

one question... can i use pretty urls with this mod... will it work??


I know there were problems in the past with that mod. But I've never used it myself, and don't know anyone else that has used that with TP. I'd suggest giving it a try and see.
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hmmm... so will it be beneficial in SEO??
i mean can i get ant SEO benefit from this...which is a function of CMS.


Quote from: amigozone on May 23, 2010, 01:23:18 PM
hmmm... so will it be beneficial in SEO??
i mean can i get ant SEO benefit from this...which is a function of CMS.

PrettyURLs? No, you will not get a benefit in SEO, because good looking URLs don't matter, it;s the content.
TinyPortal? Depends, like all other portals, if you use it to display content then search engines will of course index.


Yo, does anyone know if TP allows pictures to be resized in the frontpage because my picture is shown too big >.>


Quote from: Royalduke on June 04, 2010, 07:58:06 PM
Yo, does anyone know if TP allows pictures to be resized in the frontpage because my picture is shown too big >.>

How are you displaying the picture on the front page?  Are you using a block or porting forum posts to the front page? 

It should do it either way but if using a block you would need to set it properly.   If using a forum post it should follow your forum rules for resizing an image. 


I'm using hotlinked images in forum posts.



I still need help. I can't control size for sone reason and I'm hotlinking the images from with sites with the img bbcode.


TP doesn't change the sizes of the images if you don't constrain them within SMF from what I remember. Especially when you are only putting them inline and not as attachments.
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use highslide mod for this purpose... m using it an working fine for me..check out here: http://www.amigozone.tk


Hi there,

Ive downloaded TP a few days ago, and when i installed it, front page images were missing, just red "x"'d boxes were there.

Ive tried downloading from this website, SMF main site several times. Upon looking through the .zip, the files that are missing are ot actually IN it???

Can anyone help me?



Quote from: Bloc on June 11, 2010, 11:07:01 AM
Which ones?

Most of them I think...

this screenshot I have shows the only ones i have noticed so far - one of which is "TPedit2" (I think)


Upload all TP images into "Themes/default/images/tinyportal" folder, it seems they wasn't uploaded. Possibly also into "Themes/Moderndark64/images/tinyportal" folder.

They are located in the zip file as "common/Themes/default/images/tinyportal"


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I post this as there might be quite a few that cant' connect to http://www.tinyportal.co.uk.

After quite some struggling trying to connect, I concluded that ZoneAlarm Extreme security software blocks the site after a few clicks and, a crazy thing, it blocks the modem router:o

There might be others that have the same difficulties and think that the site is down or not working.

The new TP Support site is up and working!

From my experience until now

For ZoneAlarm Extreme users

If you can't connect to http://www.tinyportal.co.uk try again after resetting your modem (wait for Internet connection to be reestablished first).

After a few clicks you might see that the site is unavailable. This is caused by ZoneAlarm Extreme blocking the modem. You must reset again to reestablish connection with the site. If it's a wireless modem - router the same behavior appears from a WI-FI connection.

Disabling the firewall doesn't change anyrthing. If ZoneAlarm Extreme is unloaded everything goes OK (if the modem is first reset), no blocking, however this is not recommended for safety reasons.

Users of other security software might have similar behavior. If you can't connect, try the above instructions. Please report here if security software is another ZoneAlarm product or a different one.

I post here as people with problems accessing www.tinyportal.co.uk will not be able to post there.

Check Point (Zone Alarm) and the site's host will be contacted to find a solution.


What affects www.tinyportal.co.uk with ZoneAlarm Extreme. The site of the host has the same behavior.

Browser security -> Settings -> Advanced
Enable site status check <- Must be checked off

From ZoneAlarm Browser Security Help
QuoteEnable site status check : Checks security-related information about each site you visit. See Web Site Safety Check and Rating for more information.

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hi, I had an RSS issue. But unfortunately when i was asking over at tinyportal.net ... the last reply i coudln't read becuase the site has since closed.  but issue so far is this;

i have 2 sites. one running ver 0.098 and the other running the latest version. The one running the latest version will not show any RSS  -- that is any RSS at all... where as the other site with ver .98 can. I was asked something about running external website through php which i have no clue how to do/answer  so i asked how can i test it.. which ofcourse i got a reply after.. but that's when the site closed down..

so basically i'm starting from scratch again.  with help that is..