Author Topic: hr + list tag in some combination seems to cause occassional parsing error?  (Read 2392 times)

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The hr tag seems to misbehave in some combination with the list tag.

Further comments:
  • May be related to:
  • Semi-newbie wrt html and bbCode tagging.
  • I suspect this is correct behavior in that hr's should perhaps not be within a list
  • I use the list tag with enclised hr tag quite a bit, and it usually works fine.
  • Example was intended to follow:
    * Hmmmmm ... seems to be behaving.
    * PEBKAC ?
    * This is turning into a "tar baby".
    * I am aware that non-repeatable glitches can be next to impossible to resolve.
    * The related glitch-report above with tt + list is repeatable.
    * The intent is to provide evidence that the problem may be more encompassing than the tt + list specific combination.

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Why is this in support? Sounds like you are reporting a bug?
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