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SMF 1.0.2

Started by Meriadoc, February 14, 2005, 02:54:45 AM

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Quote from: Grudge on February 14, 2005, 06:00:29 PM
IIRC only some of the files will change to 1.0.2. Basically, if you do a detailed version check after upgrading everything should match what it says here.

EDIT: I want to empthasize that only SOME of the files will say 1.0.2. Files which have NOT been changed for this release will still show as 1.0.1 (Or 1.0 if they wern't changed for 1.0.1!)

thanks. i've been tryin to figure this out all day! LOL


1.0.2 is to be bad for mods :P All mods changing/upgrading :)


yep. alot of mods change needed.   :-[


updated through package manager with no big errors (except some permission things)


Updated through FTP since I had a lot of mods, worked with ease and no problems.

Thanks for the update.  ;)
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If the updates are server specific and 1.0.1 works fine for me, I think I'll just stay with 1.0.1. Unless there's any security update but I don't think that was mentioned.

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Quote from: Midgard on February 16, 2005, 06:38:04 AM
1.0.2 is to be bad for mods :P All mods changing/upgrading :)

I take a look at my mods, but wat happens with the theme's ?? not classic of default !!??

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 The package you tried to upload either is not a valid package or has become corrupted.

What I keep getting trying to upgrade through the package manager... so either I'm missign something or I'm a complete n00b...


I have a number of mods but the pacman update didnt affect any of them and so far no errors and the forum is  running as good as ever.. Thanks SMF team  :)


I updated through Package Manager and it went perfectly and none of my mods have been affected.  Everything working as smoothly as ever.  :)


OK i have smf 1.0.1. and would like to upgrade

I have MKPortal M 0.5 as my front end portal
Coppermine bridged as my gallery

My Mods are:

SMF Arcade 1.0 Beta 5.6
Integrated Chat 2.2

Should i do a manual upgrade using ftp or use the package manager

Also should i first remove mods or just do the upgrade

Problem is i want to do upgrade with least amount of inconvenience to my members.

Thank you in advance


I am curently running 1.0 rc and want to up grade to 1.2 however i have templates and i made my own chat mod.. i dont want to lose this while upgrading.. what files to i HAVE to upload and run?

just the upgrade php???



Running upgrade.php will serve no useful purpose if you don't upload the new files that fix earlier problems.

If you are going to upgrade, you will have to reinstall your chat mod and you may want to re-do your templates...

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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I was afraid you were going to say that!!



BTW  whats the easiest way to upgrade to this... can i do it thru the package manager?? what passwords or hurdels can i expect?? I worry about the mysql database transfering properly or is this pretty simple update?>?

Thanks again



Well, if you're still running on an RC release...   The best bet is to download the full upgrade package and do it via FTP and then run upgrade.php...

I don't think the package manager will handle RC to 1.0.2

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

"Loki is not evil, although he is certainly not a force for good. Loki is... complicated."


Okay, running 1.0.1, did the Package Manager thing to update to 1.0.2, and then saw this:

************** begin excerpt ***********************
Install Actions for archive smf_1-0-2_update.tar.gz:

Installing this package will perform the following actions:
   Type    Action    Description
1.    Execute Modification    ./changelog.txt    Success
2.    Execute Modification    ./index.php    Success
3.    Execute Modification    ./news_readme.html    Success
4.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/InstantMessage.php    Success
5.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/Admin.php    Success
6.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/Errors.php    Success
7.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/Load.php    Success
8.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/LogInOut.php    Success
9.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/ManageMembers.php    Success
10.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/ManageSmileys.php    Success
11.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/Post.php    Success
12.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/Profile.php    Success
13.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/Recent.php    Success
14.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/Search.php    Success
15.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/Subs-Package.php    Success
16.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/Subs.php    Success
17.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/Themes.php    Success
18.    Execute Modification    ./ssi_examples.php    Success
19.    Execute Modification    ./Themes/default/languages/Errors.english.php    Success
20.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/Security.php    Success
21.    Execute Modification    ./Sources/News.php    Success

FTP Information Required
Some of the files this package needs to modify are not writable. This needs to be changed by logging into FTP and chmoding the files.
************** end excerpt ***********************

followed by a form to enter FTP Server, Port,  Username, Password, and  Local path to SMF. I fill in these values and press the continue button, there's a delay of about 30 seconds, and then the same form is presented again.

Nothing seems to get changed on my server except that smf_1-0-2_update.tar.gz has been installed in the Packages directory. It doesn't appear that those 21 actions were actually successfully performed. What went wrong and what should I do now?

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Quote from: khayman on February 14, 2005, 05:51:51 PM
I initially used the package manager to upgrade to 1.0.2 and then checked the file versions. The sources stayed at version 1.01. Does that matter? Also I check the packages and there were two of the same for the 1.02 package...not sure if it was something I did or not.

I next download the upgrade package and ran that and it upgraded everything including the sources.

Same here...I upgraded to 1.0.2 but shows I'm running 1.0.1.  Any ideas?



chmod thos files to 777


Puchu, the downloads from this site are not packages.

Curmudgeon, try "localhost" for the hostname.... and make sure the path starts with what you see in your FTP client.  An example might be "www/smf".

Flapper, just use the package manager update and all will go well.

Jiminoregon, are you clicking continue?  Is the FTP information going away?  Did it say "installed successfully" after you clicked proceed?  Remember, the screen where it says "success" next to filenames is just informative, it doesn't do anything yet.