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Started by vbgamer45, December 08, 2008, 11:11:09 PM

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Am I supposed to overwrite my current load.php with this one and then apply the mod ignoring the error?

I guess this is so as I saw the edits you added in and it is working now. Thanks!


Mod updated to 2.X SMF VERSION.
Enjoy it!

¡¡NEW MOD: Sparkles User Names!!!


I can apply this mod successfully, after manually editing the Load.php because of another mod. However, I'm a bit confused on how to use it.

I'm not quite sure what I'm suppose to put in this box

This is the list of my membergroups and ID's

I was assuming that I just needed to put the ID #'s of the badge's I wanted to show in the first box. I am wanting the "Founder" badge (ID #17), the "Chief of Staff" badge (ID #27) and the "Technical Advisor" badge (ID #28) to be shown. However, when I put those three numbers in the "arrange" box, [17,27,28], I get nothing on those members' posts. Yes, I have the additional membergroups ticked on their profiles.

What am I doing wrong? Please help, I'd really like to have this working.


Anyone still using this ?

I installed it, had to make some changes manually. entered the member groups, and nothing changes in the forum.

Is there perhaps another mod that shows both member groups and post based member groups ?


Nevermind, it works, I had forgotten to apply the changes to my custom Display template.


I know this is old but found some slight errors in the install

<file name="$languagedir/Help.spanish_latin" error="skip">
<file name="$languagedir/Help.spanish_latin.php" error="skip">

<file name="$languagedir/Help.spanish_es" error="skip">
<file name="$languagedir/Help.spanish_es.php" error="skip">

<file name="$languagedir/Help.spanish_latin-utf8" error="skip">
<file name="$languagedir/Help.spanish_latin-utf8.php" error="skip">