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User Timed Out

Started by pspmichael, November 11, 2008, 05:26:08 PM

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I have one user that is saying even though I check keep me logged in forever, I'm getting disconnected from the forum and have to log back in.  She said it started after our server was moved from Canada to Dallas, Tx.  They are a different time zone.  But then I have the time zone set for where I am on the east coast rather than where the server is located in central time.  Does that matter?  Or could it be the way she has cookies set up on her machine?  I can't think of any reason this would happen to her and not to me or a few others who are daily participants in the forum.

Thank you



Tell her to try clearing her browser cache and temportary internet files.


Is this issue solved or do you still require assistance?

Link to forum might help us identify any other cause.
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Thank you for the reminder Rumbaar!  I meant to post the results of this.

It turns out she had set the forum to automatically start, not once, but twice each time she rebooted.  That means she had 2 pop up windows at a time.  After clearning the one that she saw, the other popup was still in the background.  When she would close the 2nd window, I guess it would count her as logged off since she never logged on through that window.  I don't know the why, but I do know as soon as that was discovered, her problem went away. 

The way it was discovered was she kept blaming it on us, the servers, SMF, anything but her end.  I told her it had to be from her end.  There just wasn't anything on our end that would be doing it.  I told her to close all her windows and restart just the forum and not run anything else for awhile to see what happens.  That's when she discovered the hidden mini window.


Wow that is a unique problem she was having, can't say I've ever seen that one.  But people do strange things at times.  Glad it was worked out.

In future when an issue is resolved can you come back and mark the first post as solved via changing the post icon to the tick.
"An important reward for a job well done is a personal sense of worthwhile achievement."

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