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Started by ccraciun, December 30, 2008, 08:25:41 AM

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For now i am using 1.1.7, but i understand that the development for 1.1.x version will be replaced by final version of 2.x.
The question is: there is a guideline for this big upgrade somewhere? I want to know what should i expect when the upgrade will be necessary, because now i struggle to customize my 1.1.7 and i wonder if it will be needed to start from scratch when upgrading?
The "backup database" option from Forum Maintenance is enough in order to keep all the posts and boards from the old version?
What should be the recommended steps in order to make the upgrade?
1. uninstall all mods for 1.1.x
2. uninstall 1.1.x version of SMF & clean install
3.large upgrade from 1.1.x?
4. Install all the mods versions for 2.x?
For now, i installed the following mods:
   Mod Name     Version     
1.    Avatar Under Membergroups Rank    1.3.KD    
2.    vBulletin Style Meta Tags    1.1    
3.    SMF 1.0.15 / 1.1.7 Update    1.0
4.    Global Headers Footers    1.4.1    
5.    SMF Sitemap    1.2.2    
6.    SMF Media Gallery    1.5.2    
7.    Ad Managment    2.3    
8.    NoFollow All Links    1.0    
9.    Aeva ~ Auto-Embed Video & Audio    5.1.25    

Do you have some recommendations regarding the subject?
Thanks a lot and sorry if this was discussed already; i searched but found nothing.


I am trying to install a new forum so should I install 1.1.7 and later upgrade to 2 or should I install 2 .

is there any problems till now with 2


1.1.7 is the stable version; i use it as you can see with some mods and everything works perfectly.
2.x is the beta version and is not recommended for production sites.

If you think it will take you some while until your site will become popular, maybe you can try directly with 2.x version and ask for support if you have any issues; as you probably know there are a lot of people involved in SMF and i'm sure you will have support when needed.


thankyou . actually i am using 1.1.7 for the past 2 years upgrading as when to be uograded and use it flawlessly.

want to start a new forum so thinking what to do.

is it possible to upgrade from 1.1.7 to 2 as may be it can be done.

Are there any major issues reported till now regarding SMF2


When the time comes and you want to upgrade to SMF 2.0 from any SMF 1.1.x versions, you should (not mandatory, but I do recommend it) uninstall all your mods first. Then use the Large Upgrade package for SMF 2.0 and overwrite all your current files on the webserver. Once that's done, run upgrade.php from your web browser to begin the upgrade process. You may install any mods back after that assuming they are updated for SMF 2.0.

A lot of mod authors are holding off on updating their mods to support SMF 2.0 until it becomes a stable release (out of beta). So your mods may still not be available. You may hold off on updating to SMF 2.0 until those mods are updated if you like.


but all mods will be used by my site/forum as features. How can we remove the features.

Also many mods were installed manuall.


Quote from: greyknight17 on January 17, 2009, 11:12:52 PM
Thanks, now it's clear to me.

Quote from: santanu on January 18, 2009, 03:07:06 AM
but all mods will be used by my site/forum as features. How can we remove the features.
Also many mods were installed manuall.
Indeed, i am affraid of this too, but until the time for upgrade will come i am relaxed knowing that 1.1.7 provide very good security, functionality and support. Anyway i guess that many features available as mods for 1.x versions will be already integrated in 2.x versions.


Depending on the mods and the nature of their storage, you may have to 'start again' in their operation and installation.  But yes a few mods have now become core features of 2.x.
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