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Stop Spammer

Started by M-DVD, December 31, 2008, 07:31:43 AM

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I installed this mod and then got parse errors on my admin - members page. I'm using a custom theme. Error follows -

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ',' in .../Themes/default/ManageMembers.template.php on line 92

83: ', (!$modSettings['stopspammer_enable'] ? '' : '<tr class="titlebg">
84: <td colspan="8">
85: <div style="width: 60%; margin: auto" class="leyend_stopspammer">
86: <img src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/icons/moreinfo.gif" alt="Icon MoreInfo" style="vertical-align: middle" /> ' . $txt['stopspammer_leyd01'] . '<br />
87: <img src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/icons/suspect.gif" alt="Icon Suspect" style="vertical-align: middle" /> ' . $txt['stopspammer_leyd02'] . '<br />
88: <img src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/icons/spammer.gif" alt="Icon Spammer" style="vertical-align: middle" /> ' . $txt['stopspammer_leyd03'] . '<br />
89: </div>
90: </td>
91: </tr>

92: ', (!$modSettings['stopspammer_enable'] ? '' : '<tr class="titlebg">

93: <td colspan="8">
94: <div style="width: 60%; margin: auto" class="leyend_stopspammer">
95: <img src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/icons/moreinfo.gif" alt="Icon MoreInfo" style="vertical-align: middle" /> ' . $txt['stopspammer_leyd01'] . '<br />
96: <img src="' . $settings['images_url'] . '/icons/suspect.gif" alt="Icon Suspect" style="vertical-align: middle" /> ' . $txt['stopspammer_leyd02'] . '<br />

Ideally I'd like to fix this and use the mod, if not I'll uninstall it which is what I'm trying to do, but it wont uninstall cleanly and leaves me with the text shown in the attached jpg (found on the admin-member- awaiting approval page), any ideas how to get rid of it?

Edit - managed to clean up the ManageMembers.template.php and sort the problem, but I still can get it to install properly :( Upgarded forum to v2.0rc1.2 and re-installed the mod, all ok now :)


Works like a charm, I just needed to do some manual labor  ;)

Got it translated into Swedish:
$txt['stopspammer_error'] = 'Kopplingsfel, problem med AntiSpam Databasen.<br />
Försök igen senare eller kontakta ForumAdmin';
$txt['stopspammer_count'] = 'Antal spammare som blockerats fram t.o.m idag';
$txt['stopspammer_title'] = 'Sök mer info på `Stop Forum Spam`';

$txt['stopspammer_enable'] = 'Aktivera/Inaktivera MOD Stop Spammer';
$txt['stopspammer_show01'] = 'Visa länken "Mer info" på alla medlemmar';
$txt['stopspammer_show01_sub'] = 'Du kan markera en medlem när som helst med ett enkelt klick';

$txt['stopspammer_faildb'] = 'Om kopplingen falerar med AntiSpam Databasen...';
$txt['stopspammer_fail01'] = 'Visa fel och neka registrering';
$txt['stopspammer_fail02'] = 'Tillåt direkt registrering';
$txt['stopspammer_fail03'] = 'Kontot måste aktiveras och visa ikon';
$txt['stopspammer_faildb1_sub'] = 'Din leverantör kan koppla mot databasen';
$txt['stopspammer_faildb2_sub'] = 'Din leverantör kan inte koppla mot databasen, försök igen senare<br />
Om det fortsätter se support och sök ';
$txt['stopspammer_not_translate'] = '<a href=""><span class="error"><b>Kända problem</b></span></a>';

$txt['stopspammer_leyd01'] = 'Ingen Spammer: Ingen information om användaren i Databasen, men du kan kolla';
$txt['stopspammer_leyd02'] = 'Misstänkt: Användaren kunde inte kollas, bäst du kollar nu';
$txt['stopspammer_leyd03'] = 'Spammer: Se mer info om aktivitet';

$txt['in_stop_forum_spam'] = 'I Stop Forum Spam Web:';
$txt['spammers_checks'] = 'Kolla dessa medlemmarna';
$txt['spammers_report'] = 'Rapportera dessa medlemmar';
$txt['confirm_spammers_checks'] = 'Är du säker att du vill kolla valda medlemmar?';
$txt['confirm_spammers_report'] = 'Är du säker att du vill rapportera valda medlemmar?\n\nTänk på att när du rapportera medlemmar till SFS blir han/hon känd som spammer över hela världen.';


Installed on 1.1.10 without any problems.

I really like the feature where it checks current members against spammers'database, Thanks!  :D


I have one theme on my forum that I can not get any of the admin options to show up, it works fine on the 4-5 other themes, the theme is called blackday and below is what I'm talking about.

the description of what the icons mean and the other two options on the bottom right do not show up

On the Admin > Registration > Settings page there is also no text for the stop spam options

I'd really like to get this sorted out since this is the most used theme (and my personal fav)

Forum version is SMF 2.0 RC1.2


I just installed this mod and am getting the rror....

2: sprintf() [<a href='function.sprintf'>function.sprintf</a>]: Too few arguments
File: /Sources/Subs-Members.php
Line: 911

Line 911 of Subs-Members is....

      sendmail($regOptions['email'], $txt['register_subject'], sprintf($txt['register_pending_message'], $realName, $regOptions['username'], $regOptions['password']));

Any idea what's going on?

Thanks in advance.

Happily using a heavily modified 1.1.16 version of SMF!

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Dear Admin,

I want to submit translate of this mod language in Indonesian, thank you.

$txt['stopspammer_error'] = 'Kesalahan Pada DB Anti SPAM. Tidak Dapat Terhubung.<br />
Silahkan Mencoba Lagi, atau Silahkan Menghubungi WebMaster';
$txt['stopspammer_count'] = 'Para Spammer Yang Berhasil Di Blok Pada Hari';
$txt['stopspammer_title'] = 'Cari Lebih Lanjut Informasi Di `Stop Forum Spam`';

$txt['stopspammer_enable'] = 'Aktifkan/Non-Aktifkan MOD Stop Spammer';
$txt['stopspammer_show01'] = 'Tampilkan Link "More Info" Untuk Semua Anggota';
$txt['stopspammer_show01_sub'] = 'Anda Dapat Melakukan Pemeriksaan Terhadap Setiap Anggota, Setiap Waktu Dengan Satu Kali Klik Saja';

$txt['stopspammer_faildb'] = 'Jika Gagal Terhubung Dengan DB Anti SPAM...';
$txt['stopspammer_fail01'] = 'Tampilkan Kesalahan dan Registrasi Dihentikan';
$txt['stopspammer_fail02'] = 'Diperbolehkan Registrasi Cepat';
$txt['stopspammer_fail03'] = 'Anggota Disetujui Dan Tampilkan Ikon';
$txt['stopspammer_faildb1_sub'] = 'Hosting Anda Dapat Melakukan Koneksi Remote Dengan DB';
$txt['stopspammer_faildb2_sub'] = 'Hosting Anda Tidak Dapat Terkoneksi Dengan DB, Silahkan Mencoba Lagi.<br />
Jika Belum Berhasil Juga, Silahkan Lihat Pada Topik Dukungan (Support) Dan Pencarian ';
$txt['stopspammer_not_translate'] = '<a href=""><span class="error"><b>Isu Yang Didapat</b></span></a>';

$txt['stopspammer_leyd01'] = 'Bukan Spammer: Data Tidak Ditemukan Pada DB. Tetapi Anda Dapat Memeriksanya Lagi';
$txt['stopspammer_leyd02'] = 'Dicurigai: Anggota Ini Tidak Dapat Dilakukan Pemeriksaan. Periksa Sekarang';
$txt['stopspammer_leyd03'] = 'Spammers: Lihat Informasi Lainnya Tentang Aktivitas Spammers Ini';

$txt['in_stop_forum_spam'] = 'Di Situs Stop Forum Spam :';
$txt['spammers_checks'] = 'Periksa Para Anggota Ini';
$txt['spammers_report'] = 'Laporkan Para Anggota Ini';
$txt['confirm_spammers_checks'] = 'Apakah Anda Benar-Benar Ingin Memeriksa Para Anggota Yang Telah Anda Pilih Ini?';
$txt['confirm_spammers_report'] = 'Apakah Anda Benar-Benar Ingin Melaporkan Para Anggota Yang Telah Anda Pilih Ini?\n\nPerlu Diketahui Bahwa Ketika Anda Melakukan Pelaporan Seorang Anggota Ke Stop Forum Spam (SFS), Maka Anggota ini Akan Ditandai Sebagai Seorang Spammer Di Seluruh Dunia\nDan Anggota Ini Tidak Akan Dapat Menggunakan Lagi Forum-Forum Yang Terhubung Dengan SFS Sepenjuru Dunia.\n\nLakukan Hal Ini Jika Anda Benar-Benar Yakin Bahwa Anggota Ini Adalah Seorang Spammers, Dan Jika Ternyata Hal Tersebut Salah \nMaka Sesegera Mungkin Laporkan Pada Pembuat Modul Ini Untuk Memeperbaiki Kesalahan Tersebut Pada SFS Database.';



i recently installed this mod manually using the parser.

i have problems when going to admin>members

this is the error:

Unknown column 'is_spammer' in 'field list'
File: ..................................../htdocs/Sources/ManageMembers.php
Line: 494

please help me fix this.

i also noticed one file which is the 'install_1.php' that says i have to manually run the file because it should not be able to stand alone? how do i run the file?

sorry but i am still a noob when it comes to coding.

any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks


I just installed v2.2 of this mod.  I do not thinkit is working.  When I look at the pending member list, I see the magnifying glass icons.  But, none of these have a red magnifying glass.  I clicked on a few of them, and some have 500+ entries in the spammers database, yet it is not showing on my site.  Any ideas what is wrong?


Seems  it's not working anymore?


The problem I was having is that I thought it would automatically check all those in the Waiting area who had already submitted registrations.  Nope.  I had to go in the Members List and check them individually.

Oscar Arostegui

Hola vos como estas, fijate que no se por que no puedo instalar el paquete que hicistes, el stop spammer antes si lo agarraba bien pero ahora no se me dice que hay error en la instalación y no me permite nada, que sera??? ayudame amiguin te espero
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I love this modification - we've had problems with spammers, so this seems like a great way of combating them.

I've got SMF 1.1.10 using the DilberMC lightblue theme and it seems to have installed okay.  I copied the icon files over to my Dilber icons, and can now see them well, but at the bottom of the 'Awaiting activation' page, where there are the red, yellow and white icons are, there is no key to show what each one means.

Also, when I go into the Registration Settings page, I have a tickbox, drop down menu (empty) and another tickbox, like on the illustrations, but no explanation of what these are or what options I can select.

In short, it looks like the modification is set up and is working, but I cannot see the labels on each of the settings - it is like having a keyboard where all the letters have been rubbed off the keys!  Any idea of how I can fix this?

Many thanks!
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Man... I can't get this Mod to work. Running SMF 1.1.10
The install says successful but I do not see ANY options or changes in Member Registration settings, no warnings, no changes, no spam blocking... is there an on and off switch for this Mod?
Any help would be appreciated.


Does not block manual spammer registration.

Thank you for writing this MOD! Please don't take this report as a complaint, but rather as an effort to help us get this MOD to work well :)

Installed without errors, but it did not block registration when I tried to register with a username and email from the list of spammers on the stopforumspam website. I am using 1.1.9 with Default Theme.

P.S. I uninstalled this MOD and tried another MOD that uses the same database - Stop Forum Spammer. That other MOD installed and it works - blocks when I try to register with a spammer's email.



This is a great mod and I have wanted to learn all I can so I have read the posts in this forum on the Stop Spammer mod. 

However, I haven't been able to find this answer.  It seems to be working fine with the exception of the icon links and color aren't showing up.  I have made sure the icon images are loaded in the default - images - icons folder.  But still they don't show up.  Only I still have this message at the bottom of members - awaiting activation.

0 Spammers have been blocked to date
Icon MoreInfo Not Spammer: This data wasn't in a DB. But you can check
Icon Suspect Suspect: This member couldn't be checked. Check now
Icon Spammer Spammers: See more info of activity of this spammer

Please advise why they aren't showing up?  I am using 1.1.10 using a modification to the default theme.


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Bob Mueller

Has anyone noticed spammers slipping through in the last few days?

Case in point: I got a successful registration notice for someone from IP today. Yet shows 8 hits. The spammer registered using one of the email addresses listed there ([email protected]). There should have been two dings on the SFS check, so the user never should have been registered.

That's not the only one, just the most recent. Seems like I've had 1-2 of those every couple of days recently, but only recently. I've had this mod installed for quite a while, and haven't had people slip through like that.
Bob M.

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Quote from: Bob Mueller on September 08, 2009, 12:49:40 PM
Has anyone noticed spammers slipping through in the last few days?

Case in point: I got a successful registration notice for someone from IP today. Yet [nonactive] shows 8 hits. The spammer registered using one of the email addresses listed there ([email protected]). There should have been two dings on the SFS check, so the user never should have been registered.

That's not the only one, just the most recent. Seems like I've had 1-2 of those every couple of days recently, but only recently. I've had this mod installed for quite a while, and haven't had people slip through like that.

Uninstall Stop Spammer and get the Stop Forum Spam - - MOD. On my forum [nonactive] and it does not let spammers slip by. Case in point: I tried to register with the email that slipped by on your forum, and it got blocked on mine. It blocked the registration saying "The user asdfsaf with Email [email protected] (IP is a Spam, please contact forum administrator. "


Just did some quick tests and it seems there's been a slight change to the stopforumspam xml that is returned.

I've just amended it on our forum to fix this, and it seems to be working fine again. So it's just a case of waiting for M-DVD to update the mod :)

(I tried the other mod and while its very good and works flawlessly, I prefer the functionality of this one).


We installed this mod a week ago and it appeared to be working fine. Then since yesterday we've had spammers registering every hour. When we check their e-mail or ip they are actually in your database but somehow they are not being picked up at the point of registration. Could you think why this is happening and suggest what we might do? Thanks.


I'm using SMF 1.1.10 (custom theme) and just installed Stop Spammer 2.2 and whilst the Mod icons are in place (after I manually put them into the right place) and I can click upon a icon to check a person.

I find when I select a few and then click on 'Check these Members', the icons or names do NOT change to red. Even though manually checking them shows me they are Spammers!!

Is this Mod broken?