How to make the time say "Posted XXX Hours ago?"

Started by LeftoverSoup, January 04, 2009, 02:23:21 PM

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On my current forums all the times give dates. Like Posted "January 03, 2009, 08:58:04 PM" This is a big problem because i get users from all around the world, and simply i just don't like it.

Is there a way i can make the time say
"Posted 29mins ago"
"Posted 21hours ago"
" Posted 234Days ago"

Something like that, is there any mod available? Thanks!


I've been researching for the past few hours, i have read its easy to do, and a mod like this was developed a while ago..
I think this will do what i want.

Dose anyone know how i implement it?


What version of SMF are you running?  The mod will parse for 1.1.7 but that doesn't mean it will work.  It appears that it only edits the /Sources/Subs.php file so you may be able to try it and see what happens.  Additionally the mod author says to email and he will try to help you out.
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Im using 1.1.7, i tried that but it produced an error when i edited the subs file, i  must have done something wrong, i emailed him a few days ago but no reply, is anyone else willing to help me?


Sorry, this is beyond general support we can provide here. I suggest you try a Feature Requests or the Help Wanted (not for support) forums.

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