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SMF 2.1 RC4 has been released! Try it out and help us test! :) Read more.

Additional Polls

Started by Windy, January 06, 2009, 08:12:57 AM

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Greetings -

This would be a very useful tool for me.  It does not appear to be compatible with 1.1.13 yet.  Is there an eta for this availability?

As you can tell, I am new to the forum and SMF (great tool!), and am not yet familiar with the mod install process - meaning when I requested the install docs, the response was something like "it appears this version is not compatible with 1.1.13".  Any help is greatly appreciated!



Yeah, one of the other admins on my forum has said it doesn't work above RC4. Would love to see an upgrade!


Thank you for the wonderful mod!  I thought I'd let everybody know that when I updated my forum from 2.0 RC5 to 2.0 Gold, I had to reinstall all my mods.  This mod installed without issues and using 2.0 RC5 emulation.  Hope this info helps someone!

Just an after-thought: I just downloaded what is supposed to be v1.2.2.  Uploaded it to the package manager (PM) on my forum and PM is showing that it is 1.2.1......  Thought I'd tell ya if you were interested  :P


I cant get this to work on 1.1.14 - any idea if it will be, it would be invaluable to us!

Thanks in advance.


Quote from: dry3210 on December 22, 2010, 09:27:23 PM
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Has anyone discovered a way around this for 2.0? I'd really like to offer our members this option.

SMF 2.0.2


I would to be able to use this mod.  But it is not working with 1.1.15.  Is there any likelihood of this happening?


Has anyone tried this with 2.0.1 ?
It does install if you edit package-info.xml file and does work but because of a few errors during the install it messes up the order of poll answers.  This has to be a simple fix, but I unfortunately don't know how to code.

Can anyone help?


November 03, 2011, 01:14:33 AM #187 Last Edit: November 03, 2011, 01:22:04 AM by nivlac

I used the emulate feature to get the 1.2.2 version of this mod to install under SMF 2.0.1, however, it only works in the default theme and gives errors on the install for the SMF Core and other Curve based themes. I didn't select any of those options though and I suppose that is why it installed.

I tested it by creating three poll questions and then announced it to the admins on my forum. It let me vote and as far as I can tell there were no issues. I still haven't gotten the announcement yet, but it has only been a few minutes and sometimes the mail is slow from the server my forum is hosted on.

This is a useful mod, and I'm requesting that you update this mod to SMF 2.0.1. I, and others I'm sure, would certainly appreciate it.



I would like to add my voice to the rest asking for a version that will work in 2.0.1. This is really a great feature. I wish I could use it.


When will be a safe version for 2.0.1?


New to all of this.  How do I add this to my site?  I click the link to get the manual but seems like a lot of work for this.  Is there an auto loader?



not support for "SMF 2.0.2 | SMF © 2011, Simple Machines"


When will this mod be available for 2.0.2? I seriously need it.


I've got to work on 2.0.2
but not is if allowed to publish the modifications that I've done


I have not been able to get this MOD to install on 2.0 or 2.0.2


Do any of gotten it to work in version 2.0.2?

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SMF v2.0.13
SimplePortal v2.3.6


I gotten it to work in my 2.0.2 version :)


I get out, you know if I can post the modified package?
SMF v2.0.13
SimplePortal v2.3.6


Quote from: C4BR3R4 on October 09, 2012, 09:48:43 AM
I get out, you know if I can post the modified package?

I don't know what you mean by "I get out", but if you've changed the package to obviate the need to emulate to 2.0 RC4, then no you cannot repost the package without permission from the author.

EDIT: you changed the wording of your post but I still don't think you can repost the package


The package modified to work in SMF v2.0.2 'AdditionalPolls_1_2_2_-_SMF2_0_2' "Pending approval for author"

The author did not connect the board from July 16, 2011 and can not send private messages. Send email for approval.
SMF v2.0.13
SimplePortal v2.3.6