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I've put in a request for a converter that will convert a SQL database provided by [nonactive].

I'm not entirely sure what the time delay would be on this, so I thought I would present this task to the community as well.

If anyone is interested in helping with this conversion, (PAID of Course), please PM me.


Our converters need access to the database in order to work. WEbsitetoolbox is a hosted forum and I think you don't have access to the database, so a conversion is allmost impossible.
The only way to "migrate" your forum to SMF is a Grabber.

Try your luck in this topic:

I will have access to the SQL database.

Dysier, is your database dump from MySQL (or is websitetoolbox using a different type of database server)? Maybe we can create a converter, I need to look over the database layout first.. Can you PM me a dump?

TE did you manage to create a converter for this? as I would also like to move an existing websitetoolbox forum


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