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[TIP/TRICK] Tinypic Image Upload Popup on Post/Reply Page

Started by brandonroy, January 24, 2009, 11:20:16 PM

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I disabled all attachments on board because the only thing my members upload are images. So instead of using my space on my server, I decided to let members use tinypic without ever leaving the post page! When users click the button that says "upload image" a popup shows with an upload form. Then gives them the bbcode to insert the image in their message.

Step 1: Download the attached html file at the bottom of this post.

Step 2: Upload that html file to a folder of your choice on your server (I use my root. Example:

Step 3: Download the attached image button at the bottom of this post.

Step 4: Upload the image button to whatever image folder on your site that you want.

Open /Themes/YourTheme/Post.template.php


echo '

// Now start printing all of the smileys.
if (!empty($context['smileys']['postform']))

Add before:

echo '&nbsp;&nbsp;<a onclick="\'URL FOR YOUR TINYPIC HTML FILE HERE\',\'POPUP\',\'width=280,height=540,scrollbars=0\');return false;" href="#"><img src="URL FOR THE IMAGE BUTTON HERE" border="0"></a>';

Don't forget to update the above code with your own URL's for tinypic.html and for your image button! It should create a nice popup on the post page, and your users never have to leave your site to host an image.


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Hell Yeah!!! You rock buddy, everything is working fine. Any chance of automatically inserting the code after upload. :P : Educational Forum For Engineering, Diploma & Technical Students

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works fine
Quote from: SwapsRulez on February 01, 2009, 10:27:36 PM
Hell Yeah!!! You rock buddy, everything is working fine. Any chance of automatically inserting the code after upload. :P
this would be very tricky - i hope for it


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hi demonsmasher, tinypic mod is available in mod site, search it