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solarflare theme botched after bridging

Started by RobbieB, February 24, 2005, 10:57:26 PM

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All themes worked fine before I bridged, then after bridging I get this.


The short quick answer is that your login module is a little bit wide, and caused your left column to get bigger, which caused solarflare to do it's usual act there.  In mod_smf_login.php, try changing the size of the username and password input boxes to 8, instead of the 10 they are probably at.  If that doesn't do it, keep fiddling with it until you get it to behave.

However, you'll run in to this with the solarflare theme again, I can almost guarantee it.  If you definitely want to keep it, you may want to increase the size of it.  Go to the css file of the template and search for all of the "width" calls, and adjust the main ones (I can't tell you off hand which ones - main outline, the header, a few others probably) up by at least 100 until you get it looking right.  The disadvantage to this is that the site will now scroll for anyone at 800x600.

Otherwise you could try another theme.  Maybe a variable width one if the extra load on your server is OK.