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Another Multiple Board request ...

Started by CraftyLion, July 16, 2011, 09:01:50 PM

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I'm may or may not be wasting my time with this since this particular request hasn't been addressed since 2008 from what I can ascertain. I'm looking for a mod that better re-arranges large number of categories on a single board. Essentially, I'm looking for a mod that can do the following:

Say I have about 12 different categories (each with several child boards) which cannot be merged without the whole thing looking too messy. I'm looking for a way to divide the categories into 4 mini-boards so each board need only show 3 boards at a time. 

vBulletin has managed to develop a mod [by formatting each mini-board with tabs] that does this but I prefer the way SMF handles its overall forum functioning. A screenshot of their mod can be found in the attachment.

Thanks in advance.


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