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gXboxLive - Xbox Live Leaderboard (Free or Paid)

Started by netmatrix, January 29, 2009, 11:20:32 PM

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Ok here is another modification that I'm looking for, and I searched the entire site and didn't find this mod anywhere.  This is one that I had when I was using vBulletin software, and I really love this mod, because part of my forum is for my gaming clan, and other gaming related materiel.  The subject of this topic is pretty much what it is, and this is the name of the modification used for the VB mod.


Quote* Lists all ranked Gamertags, each updated once per day
    * Optionally show unranked Gamertags (Original Xbox Users).
    * Optionally allow Xbox Live message sending.
    * Optionally allow Xbox Live friend requests.
    * Optionally to choose how many User Names Per Page to display.
    * Optionally require a minimum post count.
    * Optionally to add a navbar link.*
    * Optionally to add a miscellaneous quick link.*
    * Choose how recently users must be active to be displayed.
    * Optionally display leaderboard statistics
    * Limit usergroups to display.
    * Limit access by usergroup.
    * Optionally display Forumhome stats
    * Optionally display Memberinfo gamercard
    * Optionally display Postbit leaderboard rank
    * Monitors invalid gamertags, 5 attempts to verify the gamertag and then the users gamertag profile field is blanked to prevent further checks.
    * Can link directly to a gamertag position in the leaderboard with gxboxlive.php?gt=Gamertag

With permission is anyone that is a member can add their gamertag to the list, but only admins are allowed to change the settings on it and make further modifications to the mod itself. 

I'm including screenshots of what it looks like and how I would like it to look on the SMF modification.  I know there is other members that will benefit for this modification as well.

I'm looking for it to be compatible with SMF version 1.1.7, 2.0 beta 4, and all other versions of the 2.0 software updated to the final release of this version.

The pictures I'm showing on here are the member's view of the software, and the admincp view of the settings.

I am willing to pay for this modification as well pay for the upgrades to the software as well.  If needed for a better idea of this modification on what it fully looks like and the options in it if anyone is willing to make this modification and need to see everything for it I can put together a VB test with this modification on there if that would help any.

I want to thank anyone that is interested in making this modification, and I am willing to pay for it if you would want the donations.

Thank You,

( WhoZ NeXt Gaming Clan


I got looking at my finances and I would be able to pay someone to make this mod.  I can afford up to $75.00USD which I can pay through PayPal.
( WhoZ NeXt Gaming Clan



This is a great idea. My site would definately benefit from this as well as I also run a gaming website. I will also contribute (via PayPal) for the development of this MOD.
Jason Clemons
Former Team Member 2009 - 2012


Pretty cool idea. Does the vB mod still work? I wonder where exactly it was pulling data from. This would have been my best bet but it hasn't been working with the GET method recently. If there isn't a nice xml data source from xboxlive things get trickier.


Does anyone have the source code for this? If so, I can get to work!

I only ask becuase I am not finding anything on how to the stats from Xbox itself.
Jason Clemons
Former Team Member 2009 - 2012


I REALLY want this option! ive done some research to help and to keep it FREE hopefully :)

heres something i found:

Wordpress php mod open source: (best bet maybe? i dont really program stuff, but it looked a lot like coding done here.)

it mentions a non wordpress downloadable to integrate into vbulletin etc.. so maybe that will help?


That WordPress Plugin pulls the data from this link. Change XBOXLIVE USER ID to your Xbox Live ID. USER ID.card

I got this to work in a script block on my SMF test site with the PortaMx™ v0.957 portal using the stand alone download. But this will not list all members. Since there is no where in the member's profile to enter the Xbox ID for each user. Maybe someone can add to this and make the lay out better tho. Make it more like the one in the first post. Then make it so you can install it from the package manager.

I looked at the code for VB for this mod. I think it is way over my head for making it a SMF mod. I did ask one of the other coders on this site to have a look at it. But never heard back from him about it.


heh i dont script/program, but i keep wanting to say 'it shouldnt be that hard' but yeah... if there were an option in peoples profiles where they put their gamertag in the foloowing code above could be listed and all put in 1 directory and maybe arranged by gamer points or something? i dunno.


you would have to add the profile field for the Xbox gamertag so that members can add their gamertag in there.  So we aren't having much luck with this yet?
( WhoZ NeXt Gaming Clan


im not sure if anyone is trying. couldnt someone just port the already made preview above to smf ? wouldnt that be easier?

i paused. i dont know if anyone had done so, but i just took the liberty to go straight to the source with the pictures mentioned above i contacted the developer of that mod to see if he would make it for smf :D ill keep you posted!


What needs to be done is the profile part needs to be done first. Once done, that info. needs to be sent to a page for all the IDs and layed out as in the pic in the 1st post.

What about using this mod:
The mod maker would have to be asked if he will update it.

Now add the page to output it too. (We will call it xboxlivepage.php for now) Make a nice lay out of it. Add the link in the menu.

Boy, it sounds so easy typing it.  :D

EDIT: In SMF 2.0 RC1 you can turn on Advanced Profile Fields. Don't show them on forum post view. Now use that ID to pull the data somehow and make the page and lay out for it. Add link to menu.


yeah thinking of ideas is easy hehe :) i use 1.1.8 ;x


I wonder if you could do the samething with Steam. It is possible to get 2 mods out of this maybe. Anyone want to have at this and make a mod?


still no word on the developer of the one pictured above ;(

El Hadji

First of all I know NOTHING about coding and/or programming so bare with me if I come across as 100% stupid here...

I run a swedish SMF based Xbox 360/Xbox Live community and I am also looking for additional "Xbox-features" to add to my site. Im quite involved with Xbox and Xbox Live, being a member the Moderator team at [nonactive] and as a member of XCN - Xbox Community Network.

Regarding increased Xbox/XBL functionality on a SMF based site: Wouldn't one possible solution to the problem be to add the possibilty to log into the SMF site with a Windows Live ID instead of the normal login process?

There isn't any "leaderboard" data to extract from Xbox Live itself, since XBL doesnt keep track of online wins/losses and K/D ratios etc. Those data are stored by the gaming companies such as Activision, Bungie etc when you played ranked online matches (ranked games aren't played 100% p2p). Obtaining that kind of data and importing it into SMF would probably be almost impossible. What you could get is the type of data that [nonactive] presents: Achievemements, gamerscore, game progress, time spent on a game etc, etc, i.e. the information that you find on a players gamercard. With a Windows Live ID login you could get that information and also get access to messaging etc. But wether thats possible to do from a SMF point of view I don't know...

Sorry if this post was off-topic...

El Hadji [nonactive]


QuoteRegarding increased Xbox/XBL functionality on a SMF based site: Wouldn't one possible solution to the problem be to add the possibilty to log into the SMF site with a Windows Live ID instead of the normal login process?
This would be a bridge more than anything I think. Not sure if anyone has ever tryed it with Windows Live and SMF.

What we want to do is really pull the Xbox live ID gamer cards and setup a page on our SMF sites for the info. You can add a bud from there and do a few other things.


My impression is that the most important things this would provide are a centralize list of gamer tags of the forum members, including recently played games. The gamer pic, score and rep come along to help spice things up. If it was available data on achievements might go in there too.

The Windows Live ID might be able to show online/offline and current status. Now that would be cool. I think the user would need to turn on messenger on their xbox profile and confirm access for SMF. In which case I might suggest starting here

Still, getting much stuff to work with using only generally public info doesn't look too easy to me.


All this mod does is it does in a way link to Xbox.  It just pulls the users gamertag, score, recent games, etc from the database.  I had this mod on my site when I was running VB.  It really does work perfectly.  I'll get a test site set up and everything and put a link to it on here so you will be able to see the examples and what not.  I'll also set it up to have 3 different Xbox profiles that I have but no longer use so you can see the data from what it pulls and shows.  I'll try to contact the developer of this mod on the VB team, and see what all I can get to work for us.

Here is a website that I found that has the Xboxliveleaderboard mod on it just so we can actually see an example of it in a real time forum.
( WhoZ NeXt Gaming Clan