Started by rjckE, July 08, 2010, 10:29:49 AM

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Absolutely fantastic! I just replaced my other theme with this one on my forum. I love that blue color, From the top of the forum, it's like the sky. ;)

BTW, i was wondering if you could release a Light version of your theme. I know your theme is already categorized as Light, but i have placed your theme in my production forum which is huge and very busy. My monthly bandwidth for that domain is already very limited, and i would like to stick to that package without having to upgrade because of theme added weight. So, could you maybe replace all the images in your theme with plain color codes? I'm just wondering if that's even possible. I do not want to change from the Curve based theme, so would it be possible to modify your existing theme to do that? But instead of modifying your current theme, maybe release it again under the Lite or v2 label.

The only thing that bugs me in your theme is the redirect board icon, which i think is... not so pretty. Maybe you can make a new set of icons?

Thanks a lot for your excellent work. I hope to see more great themes from you.

P.S. It might be a good idea to release 2 versions of your themes from now on. One is the standard Curve variation and the other is the Lite Curve theme variation with as little images as possible for ultra fast page loading and minimal bandwidth usage. Just an idea! ;)


about doing a minimalist and lighter version... it's a good idea, if i got some time i'll do it...
if you want to modify this theme just go ahead...

about the icons, i was out of ideas when i was making this theme, so i decided to put some images of music as icons... if i do some new icons i will post it on this thread...

thanks for your comments! ;)


I will keep checking for your Light version. My forum members are already loving your Celeste theme. :)

Unfortunately, i am not as comfortable as you with the SMF code, so i will try and if i manage to make something worthwhile, then i will post it here.



Adk Portal 3.1 is coming....

Design your universe!


Please update it for 2.0 RC4