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Database Error and Edit
« on: February 05, 2009, 12:39:57 AM »

When I try to add/delete adding a forum I am getting this error:
Database Error
Table '******.smf_related_subjects' doesn't exist
File: /home/*****/public_html/Sources/Subs-RelatedFulltext.php
Line: 86

How do you edit mods/packages? For example,  the rules mod..I put the title as: "Forum Terms and Rules" I want to edit it and have "Rules" instead!  :)

I am using SMF 2.0b4

Any help is appreciative

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Re: Database Error and Edit
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2009, 12:58:29 AM »
Found some topic on your issue;mod=189;attach=75507;smf_version=2.0_Beta_4

and JimM said
Welcome to SMF!

The error you are getting is caused by the Related Topics mod. 

You can fix you database version with the following SQL query run in phpMyAdmin:

Code: [Select]
UPDATE `smf_settings` SET `value` = '1.1.7' WHERE `variable` = 'smfVersion' LIMIT 1
Replace 'smf_' with your prefix if it is something different.

For mod Related Questions it is best to ask the mod author. You can find a link to a topic for the mod or a support board on the mod's page in the Mod Site

About the Forum Terms and Rules that most be written in .text go and look around inside your smf file or give me the link of mod

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Re: Database Error and Edit
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2009, 01:24:49 AM »
From your sig:

Mods There are no mods installed in my Forum. No mod no Tensions

You know, I find I agree! That's always been one of my main objections to installing bridges or portals. Not only do mods occasionally create theme difficulties, but I hear people desperate to update their SMF mod blog/portal/whatever to the next SMF, but they can't upgrade SMF without a compatible xyz mod... and I'm left there wondering why bother? SMF is so flexible, and so powerful, there are work-arounds.

Need a blog page? Gosh, have a news forum / board. Members can just click "Notify" and they'll even get an email without having to RSS the thing.

Need a nice big button on the main menu with "About us"? Add it, and link it to a nice long article post. Want a sort of home page, or index of all the major "Articles" discussed on the site, instead of a portal? Easy, add a "Our mission statement" button and link it to a summary post, and just update that post.

KISS, Keep It Simple + Stupid.

IF people desperately need a blog as well, then just install wordpress and keep SMF as the homepage/forum subdirectory. Gosh, for all the time that's saved I think there are wordpress plug-ins for "latest articles" to come up from SMF. If not, just link to them manually. Save time. Stay flexible. Enjoy.
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