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White pages after upgrade to RC1

Started by ddaudio, February 06, 2009, 01:07:16 PM

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Hello everyboy,

I did the upgrade from 2.0 beta to RC1 and everything went fine, just a message requesting update of language files, but nothing else. All the process was straight from beginning to the end. I used the large upgrade since I have some modules installed, and also the thing about modules was great!
After the upgrade I was immediately entering on the forum to check if it was working ok, and it was, until I tried to add a post getting a white page! Everytime you try to add a new topic, or answer to an existing one, you get a white page.

Do you have any hint for me to fix it?

Thanks in advance.


I've got a feeling that the mods weren't re-installed properly.

Are there any errors in the SMF error log?

The only thing I can possibly suggest is replacing all the files again from the upgrade pack.
Then installing the mods via the Package manager (and not with smf upgrade script).
(in between installing each mod, checking whether it works).

Its not out of the realms of possibility also that it could be an issue with a mod.


Thanks a lot, THAT was the problem!!!

I am now re-installing the modules, as you suggested, one by one until I?ll be able to understand what was the bad-boy...

Thanks again regularexpression, you're the man!