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Converter from IPB to SMF?

Started by ECCShaman, March 24, 2004, 12:14:05 AM

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Any progress on a converter for IPB files / data to the SMF format? This is about all that I lack doing.

The install of the current SMF program and update (don't forget to do the update folks) went without a hitch. I did what is called the long install. The admins in the group are currently playing with the program and having a blast

Really nice program. Now all that I need to do is to move data...



Well, actually, the current install package is the newest stuff, so no need for the update - but you can if you want, it really doesn't hurt ^_^.

As for the converter itself, it should be done but I need to have the time to look them (all the ones made so far) over and be sure I can know what I'm talking about if you have any problems and ask questions.



Thanks on the progress report Unknown.

We are still working with the SMF, setting it up for our new board and forums format, and so far not one glitch.


Any estimate on a release date for the IPB convertor?


Add me to the list as well........ *This is soon going to be a HUGE list!


Alexandre P.

Just a little parenthesis about IPB: since the version 1.3.1, Invision Power changed its license.  IPB is now a paid forum software, like vBulletin, except that IPB 1.3.1 and newer allow a free *unlimited* trial period.  I think the license change could bring more people to use other forum softwares, like SMF.

(End of the parenthesis ;) )
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Actually, we know about that... and we plan to put extra work into the converter for this very reason.  As it happens, the Invision Power Board converter is 68 kb - by far the largest of the ones done so far.



Quote from: Feho on April 23, 2004, 06:30:51 PM
... I think the license change could bring more people to use other forum softwares, like SMF.

(End of the parenthesis ;) )
The exact reason I am here.


Hi. I am currently running Invision 1.2, but I've been playing with SMF and might want to switch over. So, this is probably a ridiculous question, but exactly how do I convert from Invision 1.2 to SMF? And do I need to have SMF installed already? I get that I have to use the converter, but I don't know exactly what to do with it. I downloaded the converter. But what directory do I put it in? What about the database, etc.?

Sorry for the noob questions, and thanks in advance for your help,

I did search this site before posting, but I couldn't find anything that stated exactly what steps I would have to take for a conversion.


Hi there!

To convert your board you first do a clean installation of SMF and get that working. You then upload the converter to the root directory of your SMF installation and run it - and that is it :)

One important point though is if the database for IPB and SMF are *different* the user who has access to SMF will also need access to the IPB database for the conversion. The converter does not affect the IPB database so you should have nothing to fear.

There is a known bug in the converter that will be fixed in the next release in that it will mess up your moderators and not handle sub boards very well. Other than that it should work fine!
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Hey, Grudge. :) Thanks for your advice; it worked like a charm.  As you warned me, the moderator info got screwed up, but that was easy enough to fix. All in all, the conversion was a piece of cake.

Thanks again,


Merging is really not at all a simple task.



Quote from: jcompton on May 07, 2004, 11:13:18 AM
What would be involved if I have an existing SMF install but I wanted to merge in posts from an Invision board?

It could be done, but as [Unknown] mentioned, it would not be easy. The only way I could think of doing it would be to set up another SMF install in a seperate place on that server, then go convert your IPB to this seperate SMF. After that, you'd have to go in and manually transfer all the information from the tables used by the new SMF install to the tables used by the current one, changing message IDs when necessary to avoid conflicting with current SMF messages. Then you'd have to go in and recount all the forum statistics, and finally move any posts around to suit your needs. Depending on the size of your IPB, this could take several hours, and would be a long tedious process.
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Is this convertor available?

Need this myself.


You can find it on the downloads page.
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