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Update package wont work

Started by BeckzyBoi, February 11, 2009, 02:56:44 PM

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When I try to upload the update package for 2.0 RC1 it gives me this message.

The package you tried to upload either is not a valid package or has become corrupted.

Does any1 have any idea why??


You can't upgrade to RC1 via the package manager.

You have to extract/replace the files over the top of your existing files, then run upgrade.php

It will not be possible to upgrade via the package manager until after smf goes final.
(eg 2.0 final to 2.0.1, to 2.0.2 etc) But not for any of the betas or RCs
It is not possible because there are so many bug fixes and changes that it is impractical to do it as a patch.


unzip the upgrade package you downloaded

ftp it to your server to the same location your forum files are so it overwrites them, then run the upgrade i.e. open browser and put in the address bar http://www.(yourdomain).(com/net/org)/upgrade.php


BeckzyBoi, I will mark this topic as solved. As mentioned above, you can not upgrade to RC1 via the Package Manager. You must overwrite your current files with the RC1 upgrade files and then run upgrade.php.

If you still have problems, feel free to mark this topic back as not resolved.