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Started by bullbreedluverz, March 03, 2009, 08:23:25 PM

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just thought id have a mess about and combined the theme style off my old 1.1.x forum with my 2.0 theme and this is the result - simplified and clean with glossy images and a large central logo that even at the size it is still shows up fully on 800x600 resolutions and static menu that can be accessed from any where on the forum as its always there beneath browser tabs - still needs some work yet but thought id gauge peoples opinions on it

as an example of the header it can display an image around 1600 px wide on 1280x1024 resolution

but will skrink the header WITHOUT compressing the image for smaller resolutions - so if users only have 800x600 the banner would show as this because it has hidden overflow

the height of the image is adjustable in style.css - demo is set at just under 200px high but you can make in lower or higher


come on folks, let me know what ya think, give me a bit of feedback on my first attempt at a theme

Marcus Forsberg

Looks very nice. Do you have any PDF on the logo so that people can change the text to their own but still have your background?


i havent done that but thats not a problem - i can easily package the logo up in its layers but then the logo can be changed for any image 1600px wide and works in any height but i find 150-250px is best height to use

heres an example of a similar theme ive making

its a very versatile theme as far as the colours (i know all themes are really) but with the way you can fit a large banner in opens up the design aspect further to create a nice look to a theme

and i have a much darker variation im working on too with rounded catbgs that ive based on the game half life but easily adpatable to other forum "topics" that look good in a dark colour scheme

ps, thanx for the comment


Looks very nice, I like the yellow color best. But hey that's just me  :D


Cheers - yellow/orange arent really my colours but ive really warmed to the design of it now......... i want a car site now lmao