smf and coppermine wrapped in mambo help

Started by custombike, March 05, 2005, 02:45:01 PM

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I have smf and coppermine bridged together and they work fine, I saw a site the other day which had the forum and gallery wrapped inside mambo...

I have tried integrating smf with mambo but am getting no where..

The way I have smf and coppermine working now is I have it set up 5 times for different bike owners, choppers, harleys, street bikes, cruisers and trikes so each type of biker has a forum dedicated to them and a personal gallery for them to showcase their custom bike,

I saw mambo and think it would add more of a community to the set up I already have, allowing me to post news and articles related to building etc...

Can anyone help me figure out whats going wrong with my poor attempt of integrating mambo with smf and how I can go about having my already existing coppermine gallery wrapped by mambo.

Heres what I have set up so far for choppers

SMF Forum - [nonactive]
Coppermine Gallery - [nonactive]

Mambo is integrated with a test forum I have set up, all of them are on the same server.

One Messed up Mambo - [nonactive]

I want to be able to have it set up so my banner can stay at the top like in the forum and gallery. I take it I would have to set it up in mambo to do this if I can wrap the other two inside it.

Any help is much appreciated