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Advanced Invitations Lite

Started by Nibogo, August 19, 2011, 12:28:07 PM

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Advanced Invitations Lite v1.0 - NIBOGO
Advanced invitations system fully integrated with SMF. Based on a credit system and with a lot of powerful features this is the ultimate way to get more users in your forum.

LITE (THIS) Version Features:
o Credits are earned based in posts.
o Members get 1 credit per each 10 posts.
o Guests can (or not) use invitations keys on registration.
o Perfect integration with the SMF Registration.
o Invitations keys are generated by a MD5 hash with an unique ID so there are no chances to get an active key for non-inviteers.

o Members can obtain Credits in three ways Posts, Total Karma or Days Since Registration.
o Invitations can be emailed from forum interface, emails can be highly customized by admin and users.
o You set how much costs each credit (e.g. 1 credit per each 5 posts, 1 credit per each 20 days since registration...).
o Three Invitations Functions (Disabled: The invitations system gets totally disabled, Passive: Guests can (or not) use invitations keys and Forced: Guests must submit an invitation key in order to register an account).
o Optionally set the Maximun Amount of Credits that a Member without the Unlimitied Credits Permission can have.
o Set the numbers of days for an invitation key to be valid.
o Optionally you can recount all the expired and unused keys to the total of credits of each member.
o You can easily disable the Emails throught the Invitations Interface.
o You set the default subject and message that each email is going to have.
o Additionally you can set if the users can or not set a custom messages and you choose where to show this message.
o The email body can enhanced with this commands: {invited}, {inviter}, {forum}, {link} and {custom_message}.
o Optionally set a custom title for the Invitations Page (Menu Title, Page Title, Linktree Section Name).
o Optionally set if the non-admins must pass the Visual Verification in order to send emails throught the Invitations Interface.
o Invitations Logger: This saves all the invitations that has been sent, including Key, Recipient's Name & Email, Inviter and Time. (This can be disabled).
o Optionally set the number of credits that each members received in his registration.
o Optionally hide the inviters and invitees in Profiles.
o Optionally hide the Top Inviters in the Stats Page.
o Quiclky see the members invited by each members. With a new little window you can easily find the members invited by person.
o Filter the invitations by Expired, Active or Show All.
o Quiclky send an invitation in the Invitations Index if the Custom Messages are disabled. (This saves a bunch of time).
o Quiclky delete a lot of entries in the Invitations Log or just delete all with a click.
o Perfect integration with the SMF Registration. If the mod is set as off or passive there aren't problems registering an account without a key.
o The invitations keys are generated by a MD5 hash with an unique ID so there are no chances to get an active key for non-inviteers.
o Included Support for SMF 2.0
o Free Upgrades no additional payments!
o XHTML, HTML and CSS Valid.
o Easy manual installation, you can manually install the db with a single click.
o Much more, a lot of interesting features.

Manual Edit:

Simple database installer just upload the db_ais.php file and browse it using your web browser:

- English/English UTF8

- 2.0


+ = New Features | ! = Bug Fixing | @ = Change | - = Feature Removed | * = Important Info

Version 1.0 - 23/June/2011
* Modification Released


Is it possible to combine this with SMF Shop so that the credits are universal?  I want my users to be able to use their SMF Shop credits to generate the invite.

So they can earn credits either through karma or through the methods available with SMF Shop.  (Which are pretty similar).

Basically I just don't want to have two different types of credits and would like it to just be one.  Wouldn't be as simple as making sure the credit table is the same name as the one for SMF Shop?  So it adds credits to the same table in the SQL?


Can one configure this to force or atleast allow new members to send invitations to the people in their email contacts


Has anyone got this working in SMF 2.0 RC3   I wanted to test it before buying the Pro.  If it doesnt though I wont bother :)


how enable the invitations in administration panel?¿?
I check the registration, and if you put the invitation key in blank, the guest can register sucessfully

it should put  something like this