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?\'s about PHPBB3 conversion to SMF

Started by flamechica, December 06, 2008, 06:13:44 PM

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I am fairly new to all this forum stuff and this website has a TON of info and support so I am hoping that I have better luck with SMF than I have with PHPBB3.

Anyways, I have installed SMF to another directory on my webspace. I am able to log in and change things, but I have not started the conversion. I am sure that I can get through it by reading through the instructions, etc. However, I am curious before I start all this is if I can convert but still leave my forum active while I use SMF to change settings and make sure everything converted properly? Many of my members are not real computer savvy so I make screenshots for instructions on how to post, etc and I would like to get all of this done before I allow the members to use SMF. However, I do not know how long this will take, so I want to make sure that my members still have a place to go while I am converting.


try the conversion ;) it's easy and fast (depending on the size of your phpBB). You can convert your forum, then check all things ... if you are happy with the result, restart the conversion (after some days or weeks).
the converter will not modify your phpBB in any way. It's only a copy from the recent phpBB.

Note: Don't forget to install the phpbb3_login_fix.tgz (attached to this topic). You need this to get your old phpBB3 passwords working in SMF.


Thanks. That is exactly what I was wondering....I wanted to make sure that it would not change my current forum.


So, once I do this and get it all ready for my members to use, how would I go about moving the whole thing to where I have phpbb3 now? For instance, I have my current forum at and smf is at



I have install smf118 and apgraded to version 2 rc1
I am trying to covert my php to smf and get the following error.
Converting ranks... Unsuccessful!
This query:

    DELETE FROM `web244-a-forum-5`.smf_membergroups
    WHERE groupName LIKE 'phpBB %';

Caused the error:

    Unknown column 'groupName' in 'where clause'

Can anyone shed any light on this
The reason i upgraded to rc1 is that when i converted phpbb3 to smf members could not login as the password wouldnt work.
I have search the forum for answers and have downloaded the login fix but where does this file need to go.?


our converters are SMF 1.1.x only at this time, but for the old passwords you can install the phpbb3_login_fix.tgz (attached to this topic - first post :