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Started by snork13, April 25, 2006, 04:18:15 PM

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I can also confirm it works. Thanks!
No more anoying people with a lot of chars in their title :)
Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Belgium

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I dont use this mod - but its a good idea :)

Also, It seems like an appropriate mod to drop everything to lowers - to stop shouting in titles.

Tony Reid


IMO, you should make a "Minimum Subject Length" mod.   It tires me having to close topics with the title "."


Quote from: darthi8nt on August 22, 2007, 08:06:52 AM
I have tried it and tested it into my forums works like a charm the space is added into the 'response_prefix' in the index.english.php file, it is  read like this $txt['response_prefix'] = 'Re: '; which does inclued the space. So when it prints out into the subject header it prints it to screen like this as an example. Re: This is the subject here.
I have tested it before I posted this, anyway excellent mod from you as always. :D

strange, because when i tested it, it did not work.
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I have been super busy as of late. Working on updates to all my modifications for 2.0.1


@ snork13
you are right I retested it and it doesn't work properly. It seems to add the Re: so I'll look into it some more to see where i would have to rewrite the code, but I never like that Re: it always to me looked unprofessional so anyone who wants a quick fix just edit the index.english.php file where you find $txt['response_prefix'] = 'Re: '; and make it read this $txt['response_prefix'] = ''; and this mod will def work then. make sure if you edited and added my code from previous to edit it back to original code line from my previous reply.
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i have a problem to ask here..

when install this mod and get it running properly the problem is,

the older topic that posted before install this mod cannot be reply if that topic is longger than max subject length setup with this mod.


Any chance of this mod being compatible with 1.1.6
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Please upgrade this mod for SMF 2.0.3!


Quote from: MaKoUr on January 02, 2013, 10:10:47 AM
Please upgrade this mod for SMF 2.0.3!

Hello, do you know if there's another mod to do this?

I've been searching how to change limit to subject lenght but find nothing.