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awesome smileys

Started by ameo, March 18, 2009, 08:23:28 AM

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These are David Lanham's awesome smileys  packed by ameo, with David's permission.
You can use them freely on your forum, just don't forget to place link back
[in footer of your forum] 2 his site - DLanham » {see the page 4 amazing work and grab a wallpaper if you like it}

p.s. They are attached here because I tried to submit them "million times" and there was always something wrong.
They work - but you'll need to get some manually. Therefore, please read instructions
before installation.
Everything is explained there. If you don't get something let me know
- in this thread or over pm, and I'll try to explain it to you.

Tested only on SMF 1.1.8. but I believe they'll work on SMF 2 as well, why wouldn't they?
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Get some Awesome Smileys for your forum


Marcus Forsberg

Moved this to Graphics and Templates. The next time you post in Theme Previews, please read the sticky topic in that board first. :)