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Started by Marcus Forsberg, March 19, 2009, 11:19:26 AM

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Marcus Forsberg

Highlight Reader Name v1.1.1
Author: Nas      Versions: 2.0 RC3     Available since: March 17 '09     Latest version: 1.1.1 (Mars 16 '10)

This mod highlights the name of the person reading a post, if their name is mentioned. To change the way names are highlighted, there is a setting in the administration panel.


Colin B
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Hey I found a spelling mistake
you said "whit" instead of "with"!


thanx Nas ;D

// Mark Reader Name by Nas
$txt['namemarking'] = 'Geliştirilmiş Aynı Ad <div class="smalltext">Okuyucunun adını icerisine alan html veya bbc kodu kullanarak gelistirebilirsin. isimleri goruntuleyebilmek icin {name} kodunu kullanın.</div>';
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Marcus Forsberg

Thanks guys.
Ah I always misspell "with". Thanks. :P

And thanks for the turkish translation.


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Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

This should pretty much match the text used in english :)

Code (Modifications.finnish.php) Select

// Mark Reader Name by Nas
$txt['namemarking'] = 'Korosta Lukijan Nimi <div class="smalltext">Määrittelee kuinka lukijan nimi korostetaan viesteissä. Voit käyttää HTML- ja/tai BBC-koodeja. {name} näyttää lukijan nimen.</div>';


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I was wondering if this mod overrides BB codes from the actual post?

If the poster makes the post and it has your name in RED, but you have the mod to make the name appear GREEN, which will it show when you read it?

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Marcus Forsberg

I have no idea, C4G-TK! It's worth to test that one. :P


After looking at the settings in your example for the BOLD and GREEN, I thought to myself... hmmm.. what if it already had a color, was underlined, or had other bb codes being used.

(I haven't installed this yet or I would tell you what happens.  I am just now creating my next forum, so I have no members other than my one admin account anyway.  If you don't test it, I'll let you know when I make another member profile and install the mod.)

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Marcus Forsberg

If it's bolded in the post and the marking set by admin is italic, it will be both italic and bold. (Like this[/i]). But if its red in the post and green in the makring I dont know.


ok - i found a bug:

Quote doesn´t work:

Zitat von: Galedon link=topic=6873.msg65583#msg65583 date=1237472115



Great mod ;)

Here is Portuguese_PT translation:
<file name="$languagedir/Modifications.portuguese_pt.php" error="skip">
<search position="end" />
// Mark Reader Name by Nas
$txt['namemarking'] = 'Marcar Nome do Membro que está a ler <div class="smalltext">Como é que o nome do leitor vai ser marcado nos posts? Em HTML e/ou em formato BBC. Usar {name} para mostrar o nome do leitor.</div>';


Marcus Forsberg

Sorry for the delay.

Thanks, Galedon, looking in to it.

And thanks for translation, DeviDarkL!


Yes, quote does not work.


yes how do we solve that problem
whitout the quote it is working but if you use quot than you get this:
Admin link=topic=2.msg2#msg2 date=1241180018


Are you think add topic title support for {name}?
So Long


This mod is breaking links for the [img] tags.  For information on what is happening, please read this thread:


In short, if someone posts a link from somewhere like photobucket and has the same name/user account as the forum account, it inserts the GLOW and COLOR attributes into the link and breaks the URL.

I had a handful of people on my forum complaining that they could not see the images that they were linking, but could see images posted by other people.  After reviewing the page source of my account vs. their account, I noticed that this is what it was doing.  It is explained in full detail in my reply #12 in the above thread.

BTW- using RC1-1 on default!

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Marcus Forsberg

Thanks for letting me know, C4G-TK.
I'll try to figure out a good way to make sure it doesn't break quotes, images, links and similar.

@[Daydreamer], will do when I find a fix for the above bug. :)

Marcus Forsberg

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