[FREE] Post-based group star(s) under Primary Membergroup star(s) in threads.

Started by ʟink, March 21, 2009, 11:36:41 AM

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Ok, here's the reason I want it first. My forum is called The Ninja's Hideout, and I use a belt system for post-based membergroups (10 posts = white belt, 20 = yellow belt, etc...), so the belt is the star image for each rank. However, when I assign someone to a primary membergroup, such as G. Moderator or Donor, it just goes away, and is replaced with that group's star image(s). Could someone make it possible to display both, like this?
Primary Membergroup
Primary Membergroup's star image(s)
Post-based membergroup
Post-based membergroup's star image(s)

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!
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Yes, but sadly it only displays secondary membergroups, not post-based membergoups.
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