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Setting permissions

Started by owcommandpost, March 23, 2009, 12:53:54 AM

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I'm going to attempt to make this as clear as possible
I'm currently running SMF version  2.0 RC1
To be honest the permissions settings in SMF confuse the bejesus out of me :o
My question is  for the sake of discussion,

I have 3 boards
board A
board B
and board C

How do I make board C where members CANNOT post in it until they reach an appointed  level(say 25 posts)?

OW~CommandPost [nofollow]


Enable permissions for post count based groups.

Enable local by board permissions for that board and deny all post based groups below that post level.
PM at your own risk, some I answer, if they are interesting, some I ignore.


Thanks Tyrsson.
I've marked this as solved ;)

OW~CommandPost [nofollow]