Start using them postage paid envelopes you get in the mail to promote your site

Started by ApplianceJunk, April 10, 2009, 12:31:08 PM

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We all get them. Some great offer in the mail along with return postage paid envelope.

I get them for things like insurance offers, bank offers, investment offers, everything. I just got one today from Wells Fargo for some life insurance.

I have been throwing hundreds of these away over the years. Today I decided to start using them.

I dropped one of our Cards in the envelope.

Then I put our Stamp in the top left corner and on the back.

Just thought I would share incase anyone else would care to start doing the same. :)


Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

No such thing as bad publicity, and that's really a clever way to get your name out there.
At least postal workers, and the people who receive the letters will get to see your stamps, and the card ;)

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Jade Elizabeth

You can get stamps fron Vista Print

I got one for my site, it's friggin awesome :D
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ApplianceJunk is great. We got our pens and cards from them. I can order from them on say Monday morning and Wed morning I will have the stuff in my mail box. :)

Super fast and we don't even pay for the faster shipping option. Being it comes out of Canada I guess we are kind of close to them or something.

We did not get our stamp from
I don't remember were we got it at this time, but if you google self inking rubber stamps you will get a list. :)


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