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Points Mod

Started by Chaos Dragon, April 15, 2009, 01:47:26 AM

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N i g h t m a r e

Tried, it doesn't work...


modification of fun - good as to be accessible to a newer version of forum
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Just for the record, if you want to use this on 2.0.7 (or similar) versions - it works just fine. You need to download latest mod pack, and extract it on your computer, open package-info.xml file, and change "2.0RC3" to "2.0.99". Don't forget to edit it in two places in that same file, as it appears in "install" and "uninstall" actions.

After that, just pack that file back in zip archive and install mod without emulation.

Also, if someone wants to add some custom text, image or anything in display.template, under the points count, just open that file and find:

// End points Mod

After that add:

// Awards depending on points
if ($message['member']['points'] > 40) {
echo'More than 40 points message here!';
echo'Less than 40 points message here!';
// end awards depending on points

Change "40" to whatever you want ofc. Also, you can play around and add elseif functions to have multiple statements and like that you can make simple"awards" like system based on points. Pretty simple.


i installed this mod but it didn't recalculate points of users. How do i do it? Edutainment forum - Education with Entertainment!