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New SQL Server

Started by dschwab9, April 16, 2009, 03:15:08 PM

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Will look at search shortly. I think I need to reconfigure Sphynx to work with the new server.


Search should be working now.


The forum isn't putted in maintenance mode before this kind of operation?

for the search problem, it was like each change of server, sphinx problem like you said. ;)

Thanks derek

nb: the requests go really faster now, thanks.
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Quote from: Nao 尚 on April 16, 2009, 05:06:18 PM
It's all great news, except... If it was planned, couldn't the team have performed a backup before upgrading?
We did - that's why it was only 4 hours instead of days worth of stuff ::)

Quote from: GravuTrad on April 16, 2009, 05:12:23 PM
The forum isn't putted in maintenance mode before this kind of operation?
It was in maintenance mode....

Eliana Tamerin

You didn't see the blank page with black text that said "We're upgrading the server." ?
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* JBlaze lost ~35 posts :(

All for the better though :)
Jason Clemons
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Yes i had it, but if you are in maintenance mode, you do a backup of your bases and you reinject them in the new server, you don't lose any posts.

So the migration process is on the fly between the two servers? (like do plesk for example)
no backup before? to can redo it as much as you want?
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Quote from: dschwab9 on April 16, 2009, 03:15:08 PM
Hey guys, just wanted to give everyone an update on the site status.

We have just completed migrating our SQL databases to a brand new box. The new machine is a 2.5GHz 8 core machine with 12GB of RAM and 6 146GB 10,000 RPM SAS drives in RAID 10. This should dramatically improve the speed of the forums.

One minor issue - during the migration, I lost connectivity to the old database server, requiring a hard reboot, which in turn corrupted a couple of tables. Due to this issue, there are roughly 4 hours worth of posts from this morning missing. If your post disappeared, I apologize.

If anyone finds any other issues, please report them in this topic and I will look into it.
A quick questiion.  About how big is the SQL database for the community forums?


hey its great to have the server issues sorted

but just a thought

as is done on most sites if staff plan to put the site in maintenance mode it would be nice if an announcement was made to inform members that scheduled work will be taking place

if there was an announcement made then i didnt see it but i see nothing in news & updates and i recieved no email/newsletter


Great job... and thanks for this upgrade.


Just a quick question...

Can the lost posts be recovered or not?
Jason Clemons
Former Team Member 2009 - 2012


As I understand it, no.
Steven Hoffman
Former Team Member, 2009-2012


For only 4 hours of posts, I don't think it is worth it really.

Its only 4 hours, it isn't like its 4 months.
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I believe the real question was, for 4 hours of post, why don't redo the migration...
This question was important to answer for derek and the team, the choose has been taken, it's now to late...

so...4 hours of posts is not a lot for each member...maybe it's more with the total of the members of this forum...but the choices have been made. It's over now. ;)

We have to go to something else continues lol.... :D
On a toujours besoin d'un plus petit que soi! (Petit!Petit!)

Think about Search function before posting.
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I was just asking :)

The nice conversation I was having in the Chit Chat board is now gone :(
Jason Clemons
Former Team Member 2009 - 2012

Adish - (F.L.A.M.E.R)

Please dont do further migration for now until you are sure with the totally. I finally finished the 2 pages of Support topics again! ...Phew!


Also, on another note, I dont know if this was covered but i have lost 15+ PM's, some of which were important :(
Jason Clemons
Former Team Member 2009 - 2012


I think you guys missed out on some key points. They put the forum in maintenance mode to do the DB migration. Trying to do a backup BEFORE they do the migration. Derek lost the connection during this, so it sounds like he had to roll back to a previous backup. There's no point in trying to recover if the site has been opened up again... Especially since it sounds like he doesn't have anything to restore to other than a previous backup before the disconnect.


Thanks for your hard work. From what I hear your work schedule has been really hellish for you lately. The fact that you had the time, and were able to give it to SMF to fix our issues is very generous of you. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. You da man! This site is faster than it has been in long time for me. Two thumbs up for you.

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Sweet! Seems faster, but what do I know? ::)

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

I would like to say my thanks as well, my site hasn't really been  too fast lately (since we're really limited on cash and have to make compromises with limited resources :P ) and still SMF seemed even slower lately - but after this change - I want a new server too!  :P
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