Started by bullbreedluverz, April 29, 2009, 05:06:42 PM

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a theme im currently working on for SMF 2.0 RC1

World Of Warcraft



looksd ok so far, im not a fan of large headers thlough, also I think the logo at bottom could be scaled down a bit, the ttab area has red on yellow based image, maybe look into that but besides for these I look forward to see where you are going with it :)


i only started it last night and text colours havent been worked on yet - the red will be going and theres still fair bit work to do and balancing the image sizes up to overall theme appearance will be part of that

im not a game fan, in fact i never play games,  but i havent come across a WOW theme (unless im being blind) for 2.0 rc1 so thought id make 1 as i know there are a lot of WOW fans out there



theme set to fixed width
fixed centered background image
logo resized
image at foot of forum resized
some images are large but they are in png-8 format to retain transparency but keep png file size down to that of smaller formats like jpeg/gif
info center tweeked and images added


now incorporating theme changer utilising WOW, WOW burning crusade & WOW the wrath of the lich king - press small images below logos to activate theme change - as of posting so far only the main logo's change but there is more to come

i plan to release a "standard" version of my wow theme here on smf site and release the "theme changer" version as a premium (small premium cost of about $7.50) version due to the extra work and features this theme will have including a drop down static menu and the redesigned info center that can be seen in the demo and theme changer of course


basically the theme changer is set up and running and changes from WOW to The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King

clicking the respective styles icon underneath the logo changes the logo, background, on/off icons - each style will have different image set i.e. cat & title bars will be different on each style - theme changer works for guests and members alike so guess visiting a site can see what a good theme a site has

still plenty of work to do to get it finished and looking the just the way i want it to - im pretty much working on it every minute i have to so its constantly changing and developing



new design static drop down menu added to each style with images to match the individual styles

if you want to see the forum as a member and see the menu properly

user: tester
password: tester

all the images used for cat/title/menu bars all created by taking pieces of the logo for each style and making the images up from them pieces so that each theme style has its own images all made from the logo frame so that the images are essentially unique but match the logo