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Error: Unable to find package file?

Started by Manatrode, May 02, 2009, 03:56:34 PM

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I was installing this "Age, Gender and Location on Register" Package so i uploaded it to the packages file, Then i go to the packages and i click "Apply Mod" and i get this error "Unable to find package file"

Is there any way i can fix this? Thanks.

If you want to check out my site its [nonactive]


Did you have problems installing other packages? Try deleting it and then uploading it again via the Package Manager. Try to install it again.



Is the issue resolved? If not, please don't mark it as solved (which is it now). Otherwise, if it's resolved, please share your solution here so other members can benefit from it.


Uhm... Nope still doesnt work. I just uploaded 2 more packages and those worked... Just for some reason this file doesnt work.. still says unable to find package file..  :-\