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[3354][IE8] Problems with text box scroller/cursor moving.

Started by Adam112, May 08, 2009, 09:46:18 PM

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Yes, I know the problem. Just that I wanted to know which version of 2.0 as 2.0 RC2 is supposed to have a fix in it already as per the bug report mentioned earlier.


Very strange. Does anyone else that uses smf 2.0 rc2 has the same problem?




You can try , post a very long text and then try to edit it.



Quote from: Arantor on December 09, 2009, 05:18:14 PM
The notes are quite different for 2.0.

There is a patch applied in 1.1.11 that does not affect those lines in any way, whilst fixing the issue by using IE7 emulation.

I am on 1.1.11 but the problem is very much alive and unfixed....  :-X




And it's happening in IE8? What happens if you - for testing purposes - use Compatibility View?


Works fine in Compatibility view.

Yes IE8 which I installed maybe a couple of weeks ago max.

Thanks in advance for your time, appreciated.


Weird, as that would suggest IE8 is ignoring the tag that is quite clearly in the code.


Quote from: Arantor on December 10, 2009, 07:57:06 AM
Weird, as that would suggest IE8 is ignoring the tag that is quite clearly in the code.

Is there a way to apply the mods manually to the textbox size, or rather, where can these be applied, to the 1.1.11 version?

Thanks again


Not really since it's not a mod. It's an extra line in Load.php, which IS working as it should.

I'd ask open a new topic in the Support board to be honest; this is marked as a closed bug.


This issue is giving me all kinds of fits. The PHPBB forum I run doesn't experience it. Just SMF.


We have a relatively new (~ November 2009) forum, using SMF 1.1.11.  Posters who use IE8 have reported  the "jumping text" problem when typing long replies.

After reading this thread, I suggested they use the Compatibility setting for IE, and that helps, but apparently the bug is still present.


I couldn't find a solution for this. Is there any fix?
smf 2.0 rc2

I don't want to upgrade at this moment so if there is a fix for rc3 i can edit the css file manually.

thank you


I strongly recommend to upgrade, since RC3 has several security fixes.
I am not aware of the status of this particular issue in RC3, though.
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I'm hearing reports that this has been fixed in RC3 somewhat, but not confirmed either way myself.