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Unable to go into any profile

Started by Siirist, May 26, 2009, 12:22:28 AM

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Which version of SMF you're using -

Just did a manual upGRADE to ver 1.1.9 yesterday (Sunday May 24, 2009)

A link to your forum -
(yes, after the upgrade I deleted the upgrade file thingy)

Any errors from your error log that may be related (please remove paths and IP addresses - only the filename, line number and error message are needed) -

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in ./Sources/Profile.php on line 444

A detailed description of the problem -
No one (including Admins) cannot get into their own or anyone else's profile without getting a blank page that has the above error listed.

n3rve sent me this -
Download notepad++

It will number every line
Please, don't PM for support next time, use the support boards

but I was unable to get the program to download.

So that is why I am here.  I have created a test account in anticipation that someone will want to log in.  Okay, I think that accurately describes the problem.

As I have downloaded and installed Total Commander as a FTP program, however, I am unable to get the program to connect to my host.  Thusly, I have copied and pasted the contents of Profile.php into MSWordPad and saved it as a txt.  For your convenience, you will find it attached.

I wish to thank all that reply in advance for doing so.

Be Well,
Cloud Walker
Needed information:
- What's your SMF version?, What MODs are installed? What Theme(s) are you using? Have you backed up your database?

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Mods for ver 1.x will NOT run on ver 2.x


:D Glad you're running again. It wasn't too bad. Somehow one chunk of code had got mixed up but I just cross-checked it against a clean 1.1.9 file and copy/pasted to suit.