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Started by SleePy, May 27, 2009, 07:29:00 PM

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In efforts to help organize mods and themes into sections that best describe them, a few more categories where added to the customize site.

Starting with the Theme site, we have added a Miscellaneous, Holiday and Special Occasions, Default Theme Variations categories.

For the mod site we have added Security and Moderation, Socialization, Search Engine Optimization, Registration and Login, and Portals categories. In addition the old "Theme" category was renamed to Theme Enhancements.

We have already populated mods on the mod site into the new categories and the theme site. As well our package server files where updated already to serve these new categories on the mod site (For those using 2.0 RC1 or higher).
Mod and Theme authors are welcome to move works into these new categories if their work fits better into one of the new categories.
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