SMF 1.1 Beta 1 Released to Charter Members

Started by David, March 28, 2005, 11:59:32 PM

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I am running SMF 1.03 with Greek as default language with options for English, French, German and Italian.

I just sent a subscription for charter membership because

- SMF is very good and I think I must give at least a subscription.
- I want more quick responce to my questions (I had immediate responce when I had real problems, now I am just fine tuning it and the priorities are well understood).
- The refinements of 1.1 seem to fulfill many of my requests.

Is it safe to upgrade to 1.1 as there is no 1.1 Greek translation yet?

Also will my themes work OK?



  For Greek aeromodellers and our friends around the world  - Greek Button sets for SMF - Greeklish to Greek mod
Δeν αφιερώνω χρόνο για μηνύματα σε greeklish.


Most themes should work fine, although they'll lack whatever new features available for them in that version, like an interface to search inside a topic, for example. Some themes may need a little updating.

It may not be yet good enough for a live website, although I believe there's some using it like that, it's just that it's still beta after all, and new things are being found and fixed, so it's not as stable as 1.0.3, but good enough. I'll let other people already using 1.1 to answer this question better.

Thank you for joining the Charter Member program! :D
Cristián Lávaque


I use it at my website, and it seems to work ok. Also with all my themes there - which are not converted to 1.1 yet. I do get some error messages though, and of course the themes that use a lot of templates won't show all options. The errors are mainly about language strings that have changed/missing. No big deal, but if you rather not, its of course an issue.

But all in all it works fine. (added the fact that I also run the portal mod there, which itself is beta. ;) )


Just to keep everyone updated, we have now released SMF 1.1 Beta 2 to Charter Members for testing. This release mainly addresses issues found in Beta 1, as well as adding some additional functionality.
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