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Updating RC to full

Started by Quintrixer, June 21, 2009, 07:52:44 AM

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Althought the current version of SMF 2 is still a release candidate and it's not recommended to start a production site using it, I'm going to pioneer that and start a forum using SMF RC1-1.

The question is, am I going to be able to update it to a full version when it's completed?

Sorry for my n00by english, I'm Lithuanian. Thanks a lot.

Marcus Forsberg

Welcome to SMF, Quintrixer!

Yes, you will be able to upgrade from SMF 2.0 RC1-1 to all future releases.
Have a look at Upgrade SMF.


There will be at least ONE more RC before final.

When upgrading to the remaining RC's and then final, the upgrader will upgrade your forum.
However you will need to re-install mods again.

Everything in the database will be retained.

Note, it will not be possible to upgrade inside smf using a patch until after smf 2.0 final is released.
Until then almost all files get replaces when upgrading (due to the amount of changes)


Thank You!

One more - What about updating from SMF 1.1.x to SMF 2.x?

Marcus Forsberg

That is also possible, in the same way - Using the upgradepackage at the download page.


Thank You - I think it could be very useful for future website developers like me ;)

Have a nice time! ;)


:o :o :o
QuoteSorry for my n00by english, I'm Lithuanian

SWEET!!! So am I (second gen. Canadian (grandparents immigrated), I speak Spanish(some), english and Japanese... and I am now living in Mexico) Holy international geek, Batman!  8) :P

Sorry... just neat to see a fellow member of my heritage...
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