Can you delete the Heading Smf logo.gif and just insert a text title

Started by etbrown4, October 02, 2009, 12:33:14 AM

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 ???As you can see I'm a newbie and I wonder if you can delete the smflogo.gif at the top of the theme yabb by using the admin panel, and insert instead a simple text title in bold text?

I see potential to edit this directly in the admin panel, by going to config, the edit theme    index.template.php   and you drop down to where it says "beginning on line 137"   and you see "smflogo.gif"

Am I on the right track, and can someone kindly tell me how.  If I can insert text here I'd like it to be in like 18pt type.

I pray I don't have to upload the file, ftp, and edit on the server as it's too much for me to handle just now.

8)Last, I've tried to change themes by going to config in the adm panel, then themes and layout, then overall forum layout, then selecting yabb, or default, or babylon, then saving, and somehow nothing changes.   What am I doing wrong?


This can be done by editing the file via the Administration Panel or directly.

Code (Find and Adjust) Select

<td align="right" class="catbg">
<img src="', $settings['images_url'], '/smflogo.gif" style="margin: 2px;" alt="" />

Replace <img> />

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