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SimplePortal vs TinyPortal - Which do you PREFER?

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Well, best thing, a feature-overview, but I can't seem to find a feature-overview of SimplePortal...
and the TinyPortal's feature-overview is well... erm... tiny.

I don't know, I like TinyPortal, that's it for me, as long as it works and does what I want, you won't hear me complain.

Eliana Tamerin:
Feature overview, like this?

Didn't want to post TP's, as I wasn't sure which one best promotes their features.

I prefer Tiny Portal myself if we're talking about 1.1.x. For SMF 2.0 there is no available TP yet so that puts it out of the running.

SimplePortal. I've tried both and that's my choice. It's, well, ummm...simpler.

BTW why is this in the Support forum? It's a discussion topic. ;)

Good point. Moving to Chit chat in 3, 2, 1....................


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