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Moving all the attachments to another server and make it work

Started by flickernever, October 28, 2009, 04:31:02 PM

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I have a large database of MP3 files in the attachment folder, now I need to put all this in another server. So, in the posts, the attachment link, instead of pointing to the file in my server would point to the same file but in another server.

How would I do this?

Thanks a lot for any time spent thinking about this!


Download all attachment direcotry to you, and after it upload.. Best is trouth ftp.

Also you can  ask your host providers to make full back up and transfer it to another host and there to restore all file.  ;)


The thing is that how could I let know SMF to point to the new attachments folder.

And would the files work? They actually have an encrypted name, something like, file_01_hy328746387427fhs87y3fsh93i8y67289.


There is no easy way to achieve this without modding SMF. Just having attachments on another server without also having SMF on it would mean that attachments are not checked to ensure that only the relevant users have access to them.

I'm confused as to why you want to do this?
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                              I recommend:
Namecheap (domains)
Fastmail (e-mail)
Linode (VPS)