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Function Mascot in Who.php

Started by willerby, August 13, 2009, 10:51:16 AM

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What is all this about? I thought it was a code hack but appears in download package file...

function Mascot()
global $sourcedir;

// Some important quotes.
$O000oOOOoOo000ooOOO0OO0o0o0o0oO0OOO0o000O = array(
'Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.  ~Lord Acton',
'My web site is so fresh. The paint is still wet, but stay tuned, because I have lots of personal things, specifically about what is happening day-to-day, that I will keep updating daily.  ~David Hasselhoff',
'Buy old masters. They fetch a better price than old mistresses.  ~William Maxwell Aitken',
'Why do you have to translate and decode things? Just let the image be. It will have a special kind of reality that it won\'t once it\'s decoded.  ~Laurie Anderson',
'I don\'t see the logic of rejecting data just because they seem incredible.  ~Fred Hoyle',
'Jealousy is both reasonable and belongs to reasonable men, while envy is base and belongs to the base, for the one makes himself get good things by jealousy, while the other does not allow his neighbour to have them through envy.  ~Aristotle',

mt_srand(1104307200);$O0OoO00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo=array(floor(pi())*floor(M_E),floor(M_E),ceil(M_PI*exp(1)),ceil(pow(M_LN10,2)),ceil(pow(pi(),floor(M_E))),floor(pow(M_PI,floor(exp(1)))));for($O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo=0,$O0oOo00oOOo0OOo00O000oooOo00oOO0o0oOoooOo='ywky~{'; $O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo < 6; $O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo++){$O0oOo00oOOo0OOo00O000oooOo00oOO0o00OoooOo[$O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo] = chr(ord($O0oOo00oOOo0OOo00O000oooOo00oOO0o0oOoooOo{$O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo}) - mt_rand(0,12)); $O0oOo00oOOo0OOo00O000oooOo00oOO0o0oOoooOo[$O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo] = chr(ord($O0oOo00oOOo0OOo00O000oooOo00oOO0o0oOoooOo[$O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo]) - $O0OoO00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo[$O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo]); }$OoooOOOo000o0Ooo0o00OOoOoOo0o0ooooO0oO00O=array((1+4)*(4/2)+pow(3,3),ceil(exp(1)),(floor(pi()*M_E)+floor(M_PI))*ceil(M_PI_2),eval('$OOoOOooOo0oo000O000OoO0o0O000o0OO0OooO0O0=1;for($O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo=0;$O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo<5;$O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo++,$OOoOOooOo0oo000O000OoO0o0O000o0OO0OooO0O0*=2); return $OOoOOooOo0oo000O000OoO0o0O000o0OO0OooO0O0;')+log(M_E),ceil(M_E*M_PI*M_LOG2E*log(10)*(3*2*.2)),ceil(M_E*M_PI*M_LOG2E*log(100)*(3*2*.2))+ceil(pi()),);
$OOoOo0oO0o0OOooO0O0000O0000O00O0OOo0OOOOo = '335644'; foreach($O000oOOOoOo000ooOOO0OO0o0o0o0oO0OOO0o000O AS $O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo => $q) $Oo0O0oooOOO0oOO00O0ooooO0OOO0OOO0O0oooOOO[$O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo] = $O0oOo00oOOo0OOo00O000oooOo00oOO0o0oOoooOo($q,$OoooOOOo000o0Ooo0o00OOoOoOo0o0ooooO0oO00O[$O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo],$OOoOo0oO0o0OOooO0O0000O0000O00O0OOo0OOOOo{$O0Ooo00Ooo0OOOOOoo0oOO000o000o00oo0OOOoOo});

$O0O000o0Oo00oOoOo0ooO00oOO00Ooo0O00oO0Ooo = $Oo0O0oooOOO0oOO00O0ooooO0OOO0OOO0O0oooOOO[5] . $Oo0O0oooOOO0oOO00O0ooooO0OOO0OOO0O0oooOOO[0](2,6) . '_' . $Oo0O0oooOOO0oOO00O0ooooO0OOO0OOO0O0oooOOO[3]; $O0o0oO0ooOOoOoO0ooO0oOo0O0OOO00OOoo00oo0O = $O0O000o0Oo00oOoOo0ooO00oOO00Ooo0O00oO0Ooo('ZmV0Y2hfd2ViX2RhdGE=');
require_once($sourcedir . '/Subs-Package.php'); $OooOoooo0OO00O0o0ooOO0o0OOoOoOoo0O000O0o0 = $O0O000o0Oo00oOoOo0ooO00oOO00Ooo0O00oO0Ooo($O0o0oO0ooOOoOoO0ooO0oOo0O0OOO00OOoo00oo0O($O0O000o0Oo00oOoOo0ooO00oOO00Ooo0O00oO0Ooo('aHR0cDovL3d3dy5zaW1wbGVtYWNoaW5lcy5vcmcvc21mL2xhdGVzdC1sYXVnaC5qcw==')));

if (1/M_PI_2 == M_2_PI) die($OooOoooo0OO00O0o0ooOO0o0OOoOoOoo0O000O0o0);
What type of washing machine is September?

An autumnatic. :)


You know I never noticed that function before! I will see what I can find out for you.


Hell, where did that come from? ZOMG itz teh Russhen hakerz! :D


The official response is to file a hacker complaint? lol Is it not HakorZ? I doubt you have anything to worry about.


Hacker complaint?

I've deleted that section as it looks like someone having fun.
What type of washing machine is September?

An autumnatic. :)


Well we can't have people having fun. Das laughink ist verboten. 8)


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Quote from: Antechinus on August 13, 2009, 05:52:28 PM
Hell, where did that come from? ZOMG itz teh Russhen hakerz! :D

Why you always gotta blame my people?

* JBlaze goes to Australia, sets up camp, and prepares to take over the big rock in the ocean ;D
Jason Clemons
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Jade Elizabeth

We aint no rock!!

We just have one at our center :D.

Yay for Easter eggs :D
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