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[Theme] Helios Green for SMF 1.0

Started by bloc, November 14, 2004, 03:18:55 AM

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This is just a variation for the Helios theme called - Helios Green. ;D
Its been lying around at my website, so I thought I might just make it public.

It is identical to Helios, only the graphics is changed. If you need other languages, look in the Helios thread instead. And as always, the gfx is only to be used in the context of a SMF forum.



..and a screenshot then:

Benny Elgazar

Nice style , but alot of Images
and the server need time to loading tham.


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¿Qué es el repair_settings?
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Really sorry .. real life is demanding my full attention .. will be back soon hopefully :)

CrazyDeveloper [nonactive]


This is a rather old version of Helios green - meant for SMF 1.0 RC2. If you have a forum thats more recent, have a look at has all the colors and you can set green as default and turn off the chooser to make it single-color.

J. Williams

Put it as 1.0 rc2 before people get confused with 1.1
Joshua Jon Williams
Back in Action.




i search the turkish buttons for this helios style.. who can i find it?


sir, what font did you used in the helios theme? [nonactive]
[email protected]

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Its a font called axaxax.ttf.

A online generator is present at - you can use that if you need any extra buttons.



Thanks to bloc for this green theme which is just the right colour for my 'natural treasures' forums.

Sound working fine, also the web stats..whoooooooo
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