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Started by Joshua Dickerson, November 03, 2009, 05:03:22 AM

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When I enable this modification on rc2 some of my members cannot login


This mod breaks registration, no ?

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In the original version, definitely. This was subsequently patched to include workarounds for registration though...?
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the idea is very nice, and something that should be done basicly in the main version of smf
i assume it has to much influence that it can be done 100% perfect by a mod

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Quote from: ChaosEnergy on December 31, 2009, 08:33:09 AM
the idea is very nice, and something that should be done basicly in the main version of smf
i assume it has to much influence that it can be done 100% perfect by a mod

Why does it need to be in core? The amount of bandwidth saving when compression is enabled is trivial - as earlier in this thread, a total of 200 bytes was saved when gzip was in use.
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Hi Arantor

things like this are things where it shows to me, that there can be basic optimization
Therefore i said, something like this i would expect in core

its a basic handling of the whole system
i surely wont assume, that someone would be able to put this into smf2 final, cause it will need to much changes in the whole code to get it work in all areas perfect

its like the mod which will load the basic language before the choosen one
so that missing languagestrings wont break the installation, oonly cause an admin was not aware to implement missing strings

or like the surely now much better system for languages to edit
but as a mulitilingual system as smf is, it would be nearly perfect with the above mod and the other outdated one, which showed missing strings

so you see, many mods will add a basic functionality, which i would expect for a system with those features
so load generic language, which is always modded, if not available to the user choice (as mod available)
edit languages...
show differences between base languaga and choosen one (outdated mod available)
edit strings directly in smf (now available in 2.0, but without check for missing strings, so displaying empty boxes, it is not finished)

over the years i saw more and more features in smf, which have not been "fully" implemented
sometimes it might be helpful to see what is available as mod, why i it available, what could be a good round package
and also a look into the other board software functions/mod may be usefull

development team cant do this alone, sure
but therefore here is a big community

as you see, i m still using smf :) so be sure, i believe smf is the best all in one package, and if yomeone remembers the server hacked cause of phpbb sometime will know why you are on smf

i only wished, that there would be some kind of think to the end, before implement...

myself mdded a game, and sometimes you implment things, and wonder what people do with your little thing...
thats the moment where i need to look into deep..
can i do more and better package out of this..or is there some misuse of it

but thats a long statement, totally off topic, and it should really not have a base statement that smf is bad...really 100% other direction..i love smf!
maybe it is, cause i worked in QA before on some huge companies

i know its hard to keep on track with the common users, but there should be always some spare timeto get in touch with them (and i really know what i m saying..hahaha)
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There are good reasons for having a single consistent variable, apart from anything else it means one less thing to go wrong; it's one less path that can get trashed. And seriously, as I said, for the benefit it confers - 200 bytes (0.2KB) on a decent sized page... it's really not worth the extra management effort.

Missing language strings was actually changed in 2.0; English should be being loaded first.

Edit languages is a core feature in 2.0, but very likely will still see a few changes prior to final. We're still at RC stage, so things can definitely change.

Trouble is the more we add into 2.0 core, the longer release will be and in any case, there is talk of removing things rather than adding new things into later versions, and moving stuff to officially supported mods rather than it all being in core - but it's a debate rather than a plan right now.

Just adding every little tweak and feature is a bad idea, as I'm sure you understand with a QA background.
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Again, it wa snotmeaned to be in SMF implemented
It was a statement, that something like this should be done generally in a core system,cause i assume most mod writers are not able to write such a deep in system mod, so it will never get 100%, or it will always hve things not working correctly

yes, this feature would not be worth that much effort...
it was a good example of, what could be done and what should be done at which place

btw is there a list of officially supported mods?
it would make it easier to admins to decide the chance iof getting updates in next release...
so to decide what can be installed without fer to loose it with next update

also a ranking of customizers / mods which got long term supported, and very soon updated would help endusers a lot
it takes already a lot of time to dig in 200 modifications and more to find out what is really useful, and what seems to be good supported and so on

but i m going to far offtopic...
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There is no list of "officially supported mods". The nearest is that offered by the SMF Customization Team however several of those need updating too.

There's also not a list of long term supported mods, generally they get supported by the community; we (Customizers) generally support our own. Considering that between the Cust. team we account for over 10% of the mods currently on the mod site, I think that's not bad...
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I installed this today on smf 2.0 RC2 and now I am getting errors everywhere, I can't uninstall it because of errors, and need help, what it is doing is typing in the web address twice, I can get to the uninstall page but after I fix the webaddress I get a session time out, I would appreciate any help as to removing this mod as of right now people can not log into my forum with out getting a error.


Wew I fixed it it was conflicting with Pretty URLS.....


I have a question about the mod and give you an example:

if I have this URL [nofollow]

on me will change by: [nofollow]

that is the change? or just leave it: [nofollow]

that is my question


eigthy: You're using Pretty URLs or SimpleSEF. It won't play nicely with either.
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Hi there !

Works this mod with RC3?
Anyone with SimplePortal 2.3.2 with the new Pretty URL option?
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If you're using Pretty Links, it's kind of pointless anyway.

And really, on a properly set up server this isn't necessary anyway as Dannii covered.
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Joshua Dickerson

btw, 15% of all users worldwide don't use compression. In the Middle East and anywhere that proxies are abundant it is significantly more.
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