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Create directory in $boarddir in MOD install, caused server to go down! (OUCH)

Started by imrich, October 01, 2009, 05:38:14 AM

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I recently moved to a new hosting company (not by choice, and I do not control the choice, so my hands are tied here).

Using SMF 2 RC 1.2, I was trying to install a mod that during the install, will create a folder in $boarddir, and then copy some files to that folder.

It seems that the mod install procedure attempts to CHMOD $boarddir to 777. Possibly it does this to ensure it can create the folder?

CHMODing the webroot folder is a bad thing on this server! This causes the web server to shut down as this hosting company says any CHMOD other that 755 to the web root folder is a security issue (I don't disagree).

To get this mod to install without shutting down the server, I had to bypass the instructions in the package-info.xml file that creates the directory in $boarddir and copies the files there. I then did those steps manually.

This is a big issue... any mod that tries to create a folder in $boarddir will bring a server such as this down.

Does anyone have a suggestion how I should resolve this?

Thanks for any help!